Thursday, November 28, 2013

28mm Resin Trenches - Reviews

"You are so difficult to buy for" - Am I the only gamer who gets this thrown at them at Christmas.
This year thought I would make it easy - Trenches.

As the RJW project gathers pace, I thought I would look around for some suitable trench systems, I have opted for resin as my cloth is Faux Fur so I need the weight to keep them in place and bedded down.

Scouring the web has revealed the following candidates .
I would welcome peoples thoughts on suitability.

ACF001 Trench Outpost Box

To many smaller segments likely to break apart during game play?
Are the deep enough?

Is their enough variety in the range?
The mini trench is very nice.

These seem popular amongst gamers, longest section is 150mm which would provide a reasonable length without being broken up by several pieces being put together.

Full Image View

A good selection of sections blending into weapon pits and command bunkers, these could be very useful for Port Arthur and more established defences.
Would they sit too high on the table?

IT miniatures range

I couldn't find to much on the web about their Trench system, but they do have a number of command sections and bunkers to compliment the Trench lines.

These look nice, they have a early war feel as opposed to the more established lines in 1916 onwards.
But I am not aware of a UK stockist.

So plenty of choice I need to work out what I am most likely to need in regular game play and the comparable costs, with a mix of unpainted and painted I really am spoilt for choice.

I would welcome other peoples views before I take the plunge.


  1. Your first statement hits the nail on the head. "All I want is some 15mm 3 ton British Lorys for my engineering squads in FOW...." Yah right. Good luck on getting your trenches done!

    1. Cheers Todd, have you tried a letter to Santa :-)

  2. I'm planning to use Ironclad for my 15mm games - they give the right balance between appearance and practicality, so I'd go for their larger version - although I wish the new range from EWM wasn't for 20mm figures - it's certainly the nicest out there.

    1. Simon you're not wrong, such a shame 20mm feel out of favour, would they not work for 15mm?

  3. I reckon zirtedes, Ironclad or IT miniatures. The others don't quite look right.

    1. I even thought about buying a section of each just to be sure, Wargames Terrain/urban construct are out, I saw them at Warfare they sit far to high on the table top for my liking.