Thursday, November 21, 2013

Old Glory Nizam-i-Ceditso Infantry.

With the Egyptian Campaign gathering pace and the games slowly becoming larger and larger, I thought it was high time I finished the Nizam-i-Ceditso or New Army that had been sitting in the draw since the disaster with the Artillery.
Surprisingly the paint went on rather well and I managed to rattle through them in a few evenings, was I just lacking motivation before?

24 smartly dressed infantry, using the Sharp Practice Rules from the Too Fat Lardies, I have based them in 6 figure groups, with poor morale and poor shots, lets hope the mass ranks is enough to put off my French opponent and Ensign Claude Canard and his Friend and mentor Ensign Côtelettes de Mouton of the French Sloop "Le Vendeen", because if he ever gets into a prolonged fire fight he will see how weak they are.... :-)

 The New Army under inspection.


  1. Impressive - they look very nice ranked up like that. Sounds like there were no varnishing disasters either, thankfully. After reading your post about varnish frosting it happened to me! I managed to save the minis with some Galeria Matt Varnish which I brushed on.


    1. Nightmare Frank.
      Having considered all factors, I now only use the cans of varnish after at least 5 mins of vigorous shaking and having kept the figures and the can in the warm over night.
      No problems just yet, but it depends on the war gaming gods honestly.