Friday, November 08, 2013

Khurasan Rodent Wars

Now I have picked some strange projects over the years, I doubt if I can incorporate them into the RJW project but these look like a joy to paint.

Khurasan have today launched a new range 28mm Rodent Civil Wars. 
Their press release states as follows.
We have both the Bolshirats and the Menshimice for this tumultuous war, as well as the dreaded Adlerkorps mercenary stosstruppen. The models were sculpted by Bob Olley, and these were painted by Andrew Taylor.
The range is 28mm scale, but keep in mind that the Bolshirats and Menshimice are diminutive, so are about 20mm tall. The mighty Adlers are a full 28mm tall. For each rodent range, we have troopers armed with the Mousin-Nagant rifle, command, and a HMG team.
Here are the Bolshirats – Cheese! Land! Peace! All power to the Rodents!

More mice 


And then there is....
The fearsome Adlerkorps now serve as mercenaries for any rodent officer lucky (and rich) enough to hire a few. Standing at a full 28mm height, and trained in ferocious stosstruppen tactics, fighting with grenades, submachineguns and even trench-shovels, even one of these grim veterans can turn the course of the battle. Gott strafe die Bulldoggen!


I doubt if they are every likely to grace my own painting table, but they do look rather good... :-) 


  1. Lovely paint jobs and the rats and mice have a certain charm, but the Adlerkorps, well they're not my cup of tea.

    1. Some times you have to wonder who has more fun?
      The designer or the game player.
      I can't see them every landing on my table top anytime soon.

  2. Truly a golden age! Very odd but I'm sure it'll float someone's boat.

    I like the bird wielding a spade in particular

    1. Makes you wonder who is next?
      French Cats?
      British Bulldogs?
      American Chipmunks?
      Nice paint job on the Russian mice however.

  3. Just shown these to the darling wife, I think I could get away with some!

    1. Careful Michael it could end up being another distraction.