Saturday, September 27, 2014

From Empire to Revolution - Mud & The Blood goes East

A great addition to the Too Fat Lardies stable. From Empire to Revolution is a supplement to the  WWI rules "Through the Mud & the Blood" written by Chis Stoesen.

From Empire to Revloution
80-pages of goodness covering the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies of WW1 with an insight into organisations and tactics, followed by 16 scenario's from small encounters with around 30 figures to those with over 100.
The scenarios are as follows:
  • In Search of a Drink, September 1914
  • Bridge Over the Wislonka, October 1914
  • Spilling Royal Blood, October 1914
  • Clear the Trench, October 1914
  • A Hunting Expedition, Spring 1915
  • Noblesse Oblige, March 1915
  • “Yashka”, Easter 1915
  • A Terrible Harvest, August 1915
  • A Scouting Party, Fall 1915
  • Bagging a General, November 1915
  • Kept in the Dark, November 1915
  • Frontkämpfer, April 1916
  • Dead Men’s Hill, August 1916 Against All Orders, October 1916
  • The Brides of Death, Spring 1917
  • Ending with a Bang, July 1917
You can downloaded your copy from the TFL web site.
A quick read through has given me some great ideas for tweaking my Russian forces for the Russo-Japanese War and the scenario's can easily be adapted for the Manchurian theatre. 

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