Sunday, September 14, 2014

MoFo - Downed Pilots.....

Zikanga can be a dangerous place.

As these downed pilots have recently found out.

What was a routine UN supply mission has turned into an African nightmare for the crew of UN178.

They had been parachuting medical supplies to the village Baringa which had been cut off by recent fighting and were heading back to the UN base at Zabriski Point when they had been forced to ditch approx 20 miles from known friendlies.

Having recently purchased Chris Peers Modern rules - At Close Quarters, these should make for a small game to test the rules before any larger outing ina few weeks time.

Yet more from the backlog of lead mountain...
Figures from MoFo Gripping Beasts modern miniature line, well worth a look.


  1. Nice. You've got the colour of modern flight suits down pat. Well done. Hope Combat SAR is coming soon for those boys.