Monday, September 01, 2014

Japanese Reinforcements - Finally.... 4 years late....

August did not quite go to plan on the painting front, however I did manage to finally clear off the remaining Japanese from the foot hills of lead mountain.

The original Far East project started way back in 2008, it had a revamp back in January 2012, when I rebased and flocked the troops adding a dark wash and some highlights to give a more lived in feel. At that time I had amassed enough to complete 3 rifle sections and a support section plus HQ, they were a little under strength so I topped them up with a couple of knee mortars but needed some more riflemen to complete the section, then something shiny came along..... etc, etc.....

These fine fellows sat in a draw waiting for inspiration or a period of focus.
They are a mixed bunch to be fair, a few from Westwind mostly dead, dying and a few riflemen, some left overs from Baker Company (?) now these have been sitting in the draw a while, one of those purchases when I would drop into Ade @ Battlehonours for a mug of tea and a quick wargaming fix, on the way back from work... and a few entries from Warlord.

A Baker Company(?) HMG, I have one from Westwind but figured a second would give me a few more options in attack and defence, the AT team is from Warlord giving me a few more options in Chain of Command, both include the now customary dice holder for shock or casaulty counts.

A few extra troops to fill out the mortar section including NCO's carrying SMG's this should put the marines on the back foot as they always out gun the Japs in a fire fight....

Next up fillers for the Russo - Japanese project, might as well stick with the Far Eastern theme.

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  1. The different figure companies mix in well Stuart and its going to give you quite a unique Japanese force.