Sunday, June 07, 2015

OML 3 - "The Lardest Day" - 6th June - The Battle of Shaho 1904 - Part 2

Before I post up the results of OML3, I thought it would be a good idea to outline the scenario for those interested.
We had a run through at the last club and I have made a couple of tweaks to balance the forces and ensure the timings run more smoothly.

Amended the layout slightly adding in the latest terrain elements.

Scenario Briefing.
On the morning of the 9th October Lt Yosi Omura was advancing at the head of his platoon, part of the 17th Infantry Regiment of the Imperial Japanese Army. His Regiment advanced towards the village of Jingiao tasked with slowing the Western detachments advance. 

Lt Omura was sent forward with his platoon to reconnoitre the area.
In the early morning fog Omura left his platoon and with Lt Ume and two other Chinese scouts he
advanced forwards through the Kaoliang fields that over looked the main road.
There below him were around fifteen Russians with rifles stacked, resting on the edge of the village. 

Japanese Briefing
You have moved forward ahead of your platoon in order to see if the village is clear. It’s a foggy morning so visibility is poor and the Colonel does not want the Battalion to blunder into Russian forces without first scouting ahead. 
You have advanced down the slopes of the foot hills and through a fields of kaoliang and then a
small farm came into view. Looking down to the main road you can see a group of Russian soldiers drinking and chatting on the road! 
They clearly have no idea that you are here.

You have the jump on your opponent. It would be a tremendous advantage if you can break into the
outskirts of the Jingiao you are determined to seize the opportunity to prove yourself to your superiors.

Russian Briefing 
And so we continue to march towards the Shi River to defeat the Japanese and win a famous victory for the Tsar. We are taking a break here in this small village so make the most of your time to enjoy the coffee, no doubt we’ll be on the march again in a moment.

Next up the results of OML3 ..... A truely cracking day.....


  1. Glad it all went well Stu, so come on stop teasing us and let's here how the day went !
    Regards Furphy .

    1. You will just have to wait buddy, real life as got in the way.

  2. That table looks cracking Stu.

  3. Terrific table with a lot of atmosphere and some terrific tactical opportunities for both sides. I really love that Russian flag. I hope the Russians can enjoy their coffee (tea, surely?) before it gets crazy!

    1. Saturday's post will tell a tale of both halves Michael.

  4. Another excellent game, Stu. Love the period too.

  5. Great looking table as always and looking forward to hearing how the day went. Hope it wasn't too hot as it's been a cracking day here in Bristol:)

    1. Hardly saw daylight Steve - but the curry was cracking :-0

  6. It was a fab looking table Stu.

  7. Great table and figures, I like the scenario story line too.
    I'm surprised this war isn't covered by more gamers...
    One thing, for coffee I read vodka hehehehe (I have a Russian heritage myself so can say that!).
    Looking forward to the AAR.

    1. Well it least it would not freeze in cold weather CD :-)

  8. Nice looking game, love the buildings and your latest elements of terrain...