Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dux Britanniarum in Ancient China

After the planning and the roll out of OML3 I seem to have hit a bit of low, plenty of projects on the go but none that really give me that spark to to crack on with the painting at the pace that I have been acheiving in recent months.

I am hoping that this weekends Songs of Blades and Heroes outing will give me the nudge I need.
To be honest I am somewhat of an impasse on the Ancient Chinese front, torn between a pure historical project based on the Song military fending off the Mongol hordes, a more fantasy driven project involing Watchful Studios forthcoming kickstarter releases and somewhere between to two based on the Water Margin novel and TV series.

What they all have in common is the need for some regular foot, whilst the source material of period would suggest most troops wore their own clothing I wanted to go for a more uniform feel for some of the troops - Step forward Curtney's Miniatures. 

Command Stands and Hero Stands.
The armour is of a uniform colour with trousers varied to give a sense of militia about them, I have perhaps over done the numbers for Songs of Blades and Heroes so a conversion to Dux Britanniarum looks on the cards, the mix of smallish units and heroes seems to give me what I am looking for.

6 Figure Bill Units.

4 Figure Archer Units.

The initial Song faction
Next up some militia types in mixed armour and more colourful clothing to give me some opponents for the government forces.


  1. Well Stu, for someone who has lost his mojo the above pictures doesn't show a bloke who is slowing down . Now stop looking for more kickstarters to invest in it will only lead you down the path of more painting more spending and ultimately more tears .
    Regards Furphy .

    1. Got more than enough of a backlog buddy, one day I will get to the summit.

  2. A nice looking army, well done!

    1. Cheers Phil, something a little different.

  3. I wish I could find the time and mojo to get painting again. Nice work Stu and look forward to seeing these in action:)

    1. Just need to get back in the habit Steve.