Monday, June 29, 2015

200,000 - A Prize fund give away...... and a favour to ask......

Missed the 150,000 mark and nearly missed the 200,000 views as well.

Yesterday Dust Tears and Dice hit a milestone - 200,000 page views - which was a very pleasant surprise.

It always continues to surprise and inspire me how many of you find my strange gaming periods and ramblings of interesting, enough to keep coming people coming back, a special thanks to those who go to the troubling of commenting.

To celebrate I thought I would have a prize fund give away they seem popular in the blogosphere so here goes...

There are several items to giveaway and you can enter and try to win as many as you want it's either that or they go on ebay :-)

 Now here's the catch, I need you to comment on someone elses blog.

For the past year or so my daughter has been suffering with with M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she has missed loads of time off school, gone from an energic sport mad teenager to house bound with little mobility but has remained positive throughout and is really trying to fight it to return to full health.

She has recent created a blog with has amassed approx 2000 hits and I have teased her a little about the poor showing in cyber space, so am looking to give her a boost with a few extra hits and followers.

I would like you to leave her a positive comment on her blog..... any page or posting will do.
Feel free to pass on to those who may be interested, I don't tell her enough but it really is an inspirational read and shows such strength of character and makes me so proud.

Oh don't tell her I sent you.... we all know how embrassing dad's can be, espically those playing with toy soldiers.....

To enter all you have to do is....

1. Be a Follower of this Blog.
2. Post a supporting comment on Han's blog.
 Winners will be drawn from random this forthcoming weekend.
And you can enter from anywhere in the world!

I think that's the rules covered.

Now on with the prizes in no particulare order.

A 6mm fisherman's hut for Vietnam, guess who still had some spare cash at a wargames show!!

 Difficult to buy for? - Guess who got three of these one Christmas.

We have all been asked at one stage or another what do we actually do, well the perfect guide to hand over to those with a curious interest.

Try sneaking these into a team meeting and see if any one notices?
A good read Caesar to Tim Collins.

Nagged about spending to long over the paint station, then take the kids on a walk that happens to have a battlefield on it......

 1940's Civilians perfect for cluttering up the table and distracting you from the real painting you should be doing.

Chinese Bandits - Just a little too modern for my RJW project.

Elizabethan Calivers with a Master of Arms - A foundry classic.

Spanish sword and bucklermen - You can never have enough of these, sadly I do.

Thanks for reading and don't tell her I sent you..... 


  1. Well I only comment because the big blokes with baseball bats you send around tell me to . I will pop over to your daughters blog I think she may get a clue when a load of wargamers turn up on her blog . And are you sure you want me to comment you know how inspirational my speeches at the table can be !
    Well done on the hits mate no worries on the prizes .
    Gav .

  2. Congrat's on the 200K hits Stuart!

  3. Well done on the 200K milestone. My daughters best friend has ME and as per your daughter went from sports mad and doing loads of stuff to nothing very quickly. Slowly on the mend and has just finished her GCSEs.

  4. A freed. Of mine in Uni suffered from CF/ME. Awful disease. Best wishes for your daughter, I'll go up her page view count and sneak a comment in.

    Congrats on your milestone too. I can find a home for the drill bit/knife set, 1940s civvies and bandit cavalry (Pulpy Back of Beyond, anyone?!)

  5. Thanks for all your support Chaps.
    Han's blog views have increased by over 10% - Good news she thinks it's all her good work.... :-)
    Draw will be make Saturday morning.

  6. Congrats, Stuart. Well done on your blog, it's one I always enjoy visiting.
    Your daughter Hannah is amazing. I like her blog a lot.