Saturday, June 13, 2015

OML 3 - "The Lardest Day" - 6th June - The Battle of Shaho 1904 - Part 3 - Reports from the front.

I planned on posting an update from last weeks OML3 outing far sooner but real life got in the way.
Anyway the weekend is upon us and time to update the blog....

Another fantastic outing 38 lardy wargamers, 8 Hours of highly entertaining gaming followed by several pints and a curry......

So engrossed in Manchuria I had little opportunity to get around the tables, but Ade has been kind enough to showcase the games on his excellent blog. Details can be found here.

Lardies in full on gaming mode.

A short summary of the morning and afternoon action.

Game 1 - Sidney (Russian) & Doug (Japanese)

A quiet day in Jingiao a lone fisherman heads back with his catch, little did he know of the events that were about to unfold.

Lt Yosi Omura peering through his field glasses spots the Russians resting on the road and imediately send off a runner to bring the platoon forward.
The Russians in typical slavic fashion pour forward as the Chinese scouts snipe at the Russian mass.

Japanese Infantry crest the hill and are greated by the massed ranks of Russian Infantry, volley after volley crashes out and officers fall on both sides.

The Japanese skirt the compound but are pushed back by a Russian counter attack.

The Japanese skirt left looking to capture the farm house as the Russians are engaged on the front, a sole Russian sargeant looks to stem the attackers.

Russian reinforcements are unmasked and Frontier Cavalry crash into the Japanese attackers just as they hoped to flank the ravaged Russian front ranks.

The Japanese fall back in some disorder.

A Russian Victory..... but a near run thing with only the final 2 -3 turns deciding the outcome.

Game 2 - Dane (Japanese)  and Mark (Russian)

Round 2 will this be a repeat of the morning encounter?

Lt Yosi Omura hidden in the field sends off the runner and  snipes at the Russians - no change there then. The Russians rush forward and Omura unable to persuade his men forwards falls back to main section.

In a moment akin  to Zulu Dawn a single section crests the ridge to reveal the Japanese column, trumpets blare and flags flutter and the Japanese set off.

Unfortunately I was let down by the press team at this stage (ok the battery in the camera), the Russians falling back from the massed ranks of Japanese opted for a defence in depth crowding into the Chinese hovels.
As the day draws to a close the Japanese begin to pressure the Russian right and even late arriving Russian reinforcments are unable to slow the Japanese advance.

Thanks to Sidney, Doug, Mark and Dane for taking part and making both games really enjoyable to umpire, both excellent games with the ebb and follow that I have come to expect from Mud & Blood.

Roll on OML 4.


  1. Glad you had a good day out the and the games looked to be great fun. Excellent table and figures as always:)

    1. Cheers Steve be good to get you chaps up for the next one.

  2. Thanks for posting Stu, I have never seen the hall so full ! I thought Dane was banned from playing or at least have a handicap system for his dice . And glad you all had a good time in Evesham I was expecting trouble with the locals when thirty eight wargamers walked into town, you know how the chicks dig wargamers !
    Regards Furphy .

    1. Not sure about that buddy, we did mange to pretty much clear the curry house mind :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing Stu. I hope to visit my first Lardie Day in Sept/Oct at St Albans.