Sunday, March 20, 2016

England Invaded - London Attacked... Round 2

The people of London continue to endure the threat of Martian attack, Red weed creeps ever closer clinging to the country lanes and abandoned homes of the nations capital.
Black Smoke hangs in low laying land like a black shroud, but still London fights on.

The resilient Londoners continue to bolster their defences earth works, barricades are thrown up at every junction looking to blunt the advance of the out of world invaders. 

London has the advantage of being ringed by rivers. To the south the River Quaggy passes through the borough of Lewisham, before joining the mighty Thames.
It is here that the latest Martian attack thows itself at the human defenders,

The Martian invaders approach  on two fronts, the first force looking to smash it's way through the industrial area covering the approaches to the mail railway line to the capital.
Attacking on two fronts with 2000 points vs the human defenders of 800 this could be the most bloody encounter yet.

Out of the mist advance the the towering sentinals advance the seirens wail "oooohhhh-laaaa" as they sweep towards the burnt out ruins, But the right hand Martian force stutters,  unable to secure a command order.

The militia hidden dug in the factory units and destroyed houses open fire and the latest monsterous creations advance on the valiant garrison. After a bloody fight the handling machines are forced back, their metal claws unable to winkle the defenders from the cellars and roofs.

Finally on the right flank more fight machines appear flanking the factory units and driving head long for the railway embankment and the river beyond.

The Artillery is unmasked and the militia rush to counter the new threat. The Heat Ray strikes the Artillery battery but the crew are able to seek shelter behind their earth works.

A fighting machine is brought down, Artillery shells smash the legs of the fighting machine and rifle fire pours into the Martian driver in his hooded compartment. A valuable morale boster for the human defenders. The Martians retire some what shaken taking their fallen comrade with them.

With another deperate victory the London garrison is bolstered by members of the Queen's Royal Foot (100 pts) who manage to slip through Martian lines as they fell back from Surrey.

With a small encounter in Powys, the initiative is soon to pass to the forces of the Crown, could this valiant defence be the start of a human fight back?


  1. Let's hope this is the start of mankinds fightback...

  2. The great saga continues...the British are holding on very well...glad to see your enjoying your campaign Stuart. Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev.
      So often the games fall away as other projects take over.

  3. Nice report Stu ,Dane had the satisfaction of smashing one of the big guys .
    Regards Gav .

  4. only took the fire power of 5 of my 6 units to do it though gav

  5. Well done. Send this red scum back to Mars!