Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hammerhead 2016 - The Final Run Through.

After some last minute reinforcements and the inclusion of matching banners to the various factions, a chance to run through the scenario and tweak the layout and rule settings in time for Saturday's first outing at Hammerhead.

The centre of the table should be the focal point for most of the game,  on our first run through players came on from the table edge and and we went from player to player in a clockwise fashion, this left a few players out of the game for the frist 3-4 moves and a little out of the main action.

The view from the South, a number of the Revenue markers can be seen. Together with the burial ground and temple approach. With open terrain at this one end, the fighting broke into two separate fights, when we were perhaps hoping for a larger melee in the centre of the table.

The Red player makes a sweeping move looking to steal a Blue Revenue Marker, whilst Black holds the cross roads and the majority haul...

So the changes.
  • The inclusion of poker chits each round dictating the player order, the clock wise setting allowed players to predict who goes next turn after turn and the more experienced players a chance to pick off the newbies.
  • Bringing the Revenue tokens closer together which dictates where the action might take place and stops players missing the first 20 minutes simply moving.
  • A maximum of 5 players with one placed dead centre of the table. The centre player gets to grab the early lead but can they hold on to it?
  • Every player will start within 1 long measuring stick of a Token.
  • A timer to bring the game to close after 45 minutes.
  • Prizes for each token held. 
Having picked up a box of fortune cookies which match the bannerman colours - how could I resist.
If you like what you see come along on Saturday and feel free to join in the fun....
Who knows what your fortune will hold....


  1. Good idea to randomise the moves each turn, as as you say, experienced players can all too easily pick off weker/inexperienced players and (possibly) spoil the game.

  2. Best of luck Saturday hope it goes well

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  4. Lovely job and best of luck today Stuart.