Saturday, March 26, 2016

Russian Infantry - Chechnya 1995

With so many projects, where to start?
Having completed the Chechen Infantry and the Russian Armour recently its probably best to get the Russian Infantry under way to give the Chechen's some opponents. Eventually I should have enough to complete a Full Platoon plus command.
The Russian uniforms of the war came in a variety of types ranging from the splinter camo schemes to the Urban Camouflage popular with the NVD units.

I wanted my Russians to look a little different to their Chechen counterparts and opted for the plain brown trouser and tunics.

First Chechen War (photos by Alexander Nemenov) - Album on Imgur:

The lighting has made them look yellower than they actually are, but I am pleased with the results, I shall probably look to lighten some of the troops smocks to give a more lived in look.

Uniform Guide
Smock -  GW Zamesi Desert
Helmet - Foundry 27A Storm Green
Webbing - GW Death World Forest
Fur Lining - GW Dann Stone
Rifle - Foundry 14A Tan
RPG - Foundry 30A Raw Linen
Boots - Black 

I based the squad on those for the BTR series:-
Squad Leader/BTR Commander, armed with a AK-74 plus Gren Launcher, BTR Driver/Mechanic, BTR Gunner, Machine Gunner, armed with a RPK-74, Grenadier, armed with a RPG-16, Senior Rifleman/Asst. Squad Leader, Rifleman/Asst. Grenadier, 2x Riflemen. 

2 more sections to go including support sections, command and a sniper unit.


  1. Great painting and post Stu .
    Regards Gav .

  2. Nice figures definitely a theatre for me at some stage in the future......

    1. So many projects Matt, so little time.

  3. Great looking figures, Stu. Interesting how this period is called the First Chechen War when they've been in conflict for so long, before and since.

    1. It is Dean, having read some of the early history, their is a part of me that wants to do Russian early colonial circa 17th Cen, Muskest and Cossacks ???
      Damn anothe project....