Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dragon Rampant - Good triumphs over Evil?

After a swift make over the Armies of Narnia have taken to the field in your classic Good verses Evil bash, despite it being our first outing we decided on 48 points each, 24 just did not look enough on the club table..

High King Peter the Magnificent Eldest of the Pevensie Children led the talking animals, awakened from the 100 years of winter. Facing off against the White Witch of course.
With a title that big, I just hope our Pete does not let the side down he was already facing cat calls and mocking from my nasty opponent.

In a simple throw the figures on the table scenario, both armies line up, placing one unit at a time until all units are deployed.
My plan is to hold the left flank whilst using the Centaurs and faster animals to sweep the right flank, although this was countered late on by the appearance of General Otmin and his fellow Minotaurs.

Turn 1 forgetting the importance of Commanders Peter sets off on a sweeping move. Whilst Queen Jardis sends forward a unit of heavily armoured Nasties before failing her command move.

Better luck on the good side, Aslan was certainly playinh his part as all command rolles were passed and Rabbits, Badgers and Dogs rush forward to hold the ground between the two woods in the center. Fawns and Dwarves advance forwards and the Harfang giant appears over the tree tops.

Battle is joined, what we soon both realised is that beasts are a bugger to control, the Badgers charged headlong into the Nasties who took chunks out of them as they nibbled at their ankles of their heavily armoured foe.
Maugrim, Captain of the Witch's Secret Police. and his Greater War Beasts sent packing the Lesser War Beasts.

Meanwhile as pets corner was being put to the Sword, Pete finally made it on to the far right of the Witches Army and prepared to face off against General Otmin

On the opposite side of the table both sides faced off against each other the Witches Cannon bowling down the lightly armoured Fawns.

Wolves might beat Hound Dogs, but a Giant with a tree trunk, soon sent the Dire Wolves running for cover.

Peter and his Centaurs are initially caught off guard by the early charge of the Minotaurs, but slowly drive them backwards after re-grouping and charging in with lance and hooves.

In the center the furry beasts had done their job and as the missile bearing Fawns and Dwaves accompanied by Susan the Gentle, who true to her name had thus far not fired a shot advanced, Queen Jardis decided to retire from the field.

A cracking evenings gaming, Jarids "Sharper Blades" wizardry made the Nasties really nasty, only stopped by filling them with arrows. The badgers/rabbits were fun but really need to pick their targets. When your losses start to mount staying on the table can be really tough.

After running through the first few moves the pace was really fast for double the points on a first outing. We over looked a couple of rules, in particular the retreat distance for loss in hand to hand but overall a really well balanced encounter which captured spirit of the book and film.

Let's see how Aslan the Lion king fairs in the next chapter...


  1. Thanks so much for the recent Narian LR posts I have really enjoyed them and they have encouraged me to think about some 28mm ideas. Another project joins the queue- :)

  2. Great looking game and glad you enjoyed the rules:)

  3. Rabbits, badgers,wolves and giants I don't have the imagination to picture it all 😏 Stu there isn't a period you don't cover . Thanks for posting .
    Regards Gav .