Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Russian Support Options - Chechnya 1994

Nothing like a quiet bank holiday to get some hours in front of the brushes.
These are the last of the Modern Russians for the Chechen project, I wanted to bolster the Russian units with a couple of support options

First up a Heavy Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher, that should help keep the attackers at bay.
Based on 2p's I figured in the Laserburn rules rather than worry about crew figures when the team suffers a casaulty both are dead rather than worrying about single figures, that way I can keep the game play clean and fast moving.

Next up 3 Sniper teams, with follow on fire open to them within Imperial Commander they are perfect for keeping whole squads pinned down. The prone figures are actually Australians but when you are under heavy camo netting who can tell?

A couple of command figures to keep their troops in order, Eureka don't have a large variety on this front, so the kneeling officer is from one of the HMG teams.

And finally  the mouth peice of the government, a news reporter and camera man, always getting into trouble and in deed of escort....

Not a bad days efforts.

Over 180 Figures done so far this year, so track to beat last years total.


  1. Going very well Stuart on this Project- certainly you do have the knack of painting in this scale- with great results. Like the Reporter and camera man- well done. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev, really not sure about the scale, the eyes are starting to pack up, but you do get alot of kit on the table :-)

  2. Very nice work. I especially like the news team. I suspect Russian news was a little more accurate even in Chechenya than it is today.
    Has the Russian uniform changed significantly between then and now? The images I see of Russian troops today look far more modern than the chaps in these photos, who basically look Cold War and even late WW2.
    Keep cracking on with this interesting project.

    1. Thanks Michael, I believe they have what what I have read on the subject, however the Eureka mini's are scultped in the cold weather gear rather than the Summer pattern which would have allowed me to paint a more generic camo scheme.
      All the best.

  3. Splendid work Stuart, a most productive bank holiday.