Saturday, May 21, 2016

The return of mid week gaming.

Just a short post for now.
Having re-worked the Narnian forces for Dragon Rampant recently, they went on the hunt for their old foe the Purple Horde.... These folk were last seen over 5 years ago when they defeated me in every encounter using Hordes of Things..... Would things be different with Dragon Rampant?

A small game with 24 points each to ease my old foe into the rules...
High King Peter the Magnificent was feeling confident after his last outing but with chunks of Heavy Infantry and flying Bats it could be a tricky day holding back the forces of evil.

Purple Ghouls the bane of my life in HOTT badged up here as Ravenous Hordes for 1 point were not so strong. The attack and defence scores mean when casualties land they struggle to recover from their battered status.
I suspect I won't get away with suggesting that was a great way of spending those last 2 points next time... :-)

Rabbits, Badgers and Foxes tear into the ghouls, the game ended with. The evil player fleeing the table, but the result swung both ways for several turns....

I picked up the following game markers recently from the guys over at Supreme Littleness
I had not heard of these guys before but well worth a look, get to do business with and really swift in responding to orders.

Perfect for enforcing the 3" rule and picking out battered units.

Dragon Rampant has filled the void in 15mm gaming for me, I am really looking forward to the Men who would be Kings - The colonial variant it will give me a chance to bring the boxers out of retirement.


  1. Looked and sounded good to me Stu, purple bastards!

    1. Cheers Fran I think they may be a little tougher next time around.

  2. Yep, I too am looking for to TMWWBKs to have a bash at some small scale colonial goodness.

    1. Not long now Steve, I might finally get my Chinese Cavalry painted.