Sunday, May 08, 2016

Packets from near and far...

Time on the brushes has been rare of late, with real life creeping into valuable gaming time, even the poor old blog has suffered, however whilst the brushes may have sat idle, the mouse and credit card have been working hard to add to lead mountain.

Despite my best efforts multiple projects have sprung up all needing attention.
Laserburn has been a breath of fresh air lately, fast playing with some nice upgrades buried in old Yahoo groups. With other Wyverners already holding existing Sci-fi collections, I have a plan that will take my modern Russians 50 years into the future.

Dragon Rampant has got me thinking about back filling some of the gaps in the Narnian collection, with The Dice Bag Lady and Blue Moon doing some (lovely) nasty Witches for starters.... 

And then Sharp Practice lands on the doorstep and an excuse to put a fire under the Egyptian Project.

Saturday morning saw several packets arrive, which were quickly put in the "I have had these ages draw" before anyone else was up. More on these as the weeks progress.

With packages from the US, Russia and China I really have gone international for supplies.
One such packet was 50 15mm cars for less than a tenner.

This was an impulse buy largely due to a single comment at a recent club, about how modern tables seem to be empty of cars yet a quick glance out of the window and they are everywhere.

I am really not sure if I will rough them up to look more burned out or just drop them on the table top. But with 50 to "play" with plenty of scope to experiment.
Scale wise they look pretty good to me.

Perhaps better luck on the painting front next week.
I just need to decide where to start.....


  1. Brilliant! I love the idea of a "I have had these ages draw", I tend to utter the "Oh I'd forgotten about this, I must have ordered it ages ago" when we return from work to find a little red card from the postman.

    1. Is it wrong to be rushing home before the wife to hide the card :-)

  2. Always good to have lots of projects on the go........and now you have 50 cars to play with 😀

  3. Stu I think you have cornered the market in 15mm Cars 😉.
    Regards Gav .

    1. I would have preferred more up market vehicles but could not afford the insurance on Compare the market :-)

  4. What to start first??? The bain of every wargamers life!!

  5. That is a lot of cards, but you are right, they are curiously absent from gaming tables. Maybe just a little dry brushing of some mud and dirt, as the ones beside your modern Russian kit look a little too clean. Unless, of course, you have just invaded Estonia by surprise.
    I am very excited about SP2 as well.

    1. Michael.
      Don't start me off Estonia it's a possibility.