Friday, September 27, 2019

Napoleonic Haitian Cavalry.

Finally..... After what seems an age the Haitian Cavalry are finished. 
In my reading of the battles in Haiti there are scattered reports of Haitian cavalry, Osprey's book on Napoleon's overseas forces depicts Colonial Dragoons but I wanted some line cavalry to bolster the forces of the native Haitian forces.

As usual great service from Steve at Arcane Scenery who in addition to the packs of French Cavalry from the Trent Revolutionary Range a bunch of extra heads from the Haitian range, this gave me plenty of variety in the unit. I quite fancy a Maroon unit eventually but am struggling with mounted civilian types perhaps ACV Bushwacker's might do?

These will be a useful addition to a number of the factions, as they can be used for the French forces, the Haitians or the freed slaves perfect timing as the campaign starts to pick up again.

Next up something a little different and definitely not on a horse.....


  1. Nice looking unit of cavalry there Stu.

    1. Thanks Steve.
      Something a little quicker next time :-)

  2. Unusual and beautiful cavalry unit, well done!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray, they should be a useful addition to the campaign forces.
      All the best.