Sunday, March 03, 2013

AVBCW goes Pulp

Deep in the heart of Darkest Africa, The Black Major barks his orders.
"Get those damn crates out of the temple, the Airship will be here in less than an hour" 

Not your usual setting for the Very British Civil War, but I was nagged into putting on a game my nephew, do we have a gamer in the making???

The Black Major leader of the BUF special combat unit has been sent on a covert operation into the far reaches of the commonwealth, dropping in by Airship, he and his team have been tasked with securing a cache of weapons that could turn the tide of the war back in England.

The weapon cache had been stashed by a local criminal gang who had been hired to bring them over the border when they ran into a local border patrol and were forced to dump the weapons in an old temple.

 The BUF can be seen deployed around the temple working to bring out the weapons cache, when local forces enter the table on two blinds. One fake, one real, but which is which.

BUF Airship troopers rush to defend the temple as the patrol approaches.

Heads down chaps here they come.

On the left flank, the BUF HMG reveals itself only to find that that blind is a feint.

The Colonial trooper reveal themselves, two sections of Colonial auxiliaries and a naval detachment, with supporting HMG, this is going to be tougher than the Black Major first thought. 


The Major leading the patrol orders his men to fan out, good cards allow the colonials to get the drop on the defenders of the temple and excellent dice by my young opponent allowed him to kill 2 BUF troopers before they got off a shot.
Just like Aggregor's Soldiers in Ben 10 (I have no idea who this is?)

The Black Major makes an appearance the temple and directs the HMG fire to pin the colonials on the jungle path, his status 3 is enough to keep start to increase their shock to slow their advance.

Playing his dynamic card he runs to the left and a good run of cards the next turn allows him to activate a squad of MG armed Airmen who charge into Close Combat with the advancing militia.

The airmen burst from cover, MG's blazing....

Militia trained riflemen against MG's armed fanatics there is only going to be one winner.

The colonial Major is badly wounded and several of the militia killed, they flee the jungle path to recover from the shock.

Meanwhile the naval detachment have flanked the temple and are creeping up on the remaining defenders when they stumble into the BUF reinforcements, The Black Major believes victory is his..

The BUF squad is revealed, both units crashing together in close combat, unfortunately for the BUF they managed to roll only 2 fives and no sixes. Whilst the naval detachment killed half of their opponents, causing them to run for their lives...

The sailors secure the temple and weapons cache.

The Black Major has had victory snatched away from him, he sneaks off table already busy planning his revenge and moaning about bad luck and poor cards.... :-)

Well the boy is well and truly hooked and with luck like his......
Played using the scenario generator within Platoon forward from the Too Fat Lardies and inspired by the pile of old comic's stored in the loft. The Black Major Character is based on the henchman found in Battle from 1984.
He seems the perfect character to be transported into the Alternative reality of AVBCW.

All his adventures and those of Baron Ironblood can be found here.


  1. That is a great idea and I think has captured the feel of both the period, the comic and VBCW. Should VBCW be just in Britain hell no, there is a whole Empire out there to explore. Great game there

  2. Its a jungle out there..... Great looking game.

  3. Crikey, what a rip-snorting yarn. Wizard terrain old chap.

    1. OVC thanks very much, your Japs look great.

  4. AVBCW with a Pulp feel. What's not to like? Great stuff, sir! Glad to see you're fostering new wargaming talent.

    1. A long term plan A J.
      Thanks for looking.