Thursday, March 07, 2013

Colonial Campaigns Boxer Rebellion - Mini Campaign The Rise of The Boxer

Having recently completed the bulk of the repainting of my Boxer collection. I was looking for an excuse to put them on the table. Sitting in the draw was Mark Fastoso's excellent scenario book for the Boxer Rebellion.
The book contains 10 scenario's ranging from the early encounters as the Chinese Court attempts to suppress the Boxers, through to the Allied landings and rescue of the Legations.

Campaign problems
I have participated in many wargame campaigns over the years and they have all tend to fizzled out. Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes some people are very interested in things like the problems of supply, campaign logistics, and the route march in a far off land, while for me given time constraints its a good a reason to string some games together.

I would love to take part in and complete a long and detailed, historically accurate campaign, but at present that is simply not viable.....

To try and get this campaign complete, I figured I would invite players to play the part of the regular factions, Boxer, Imperial Court and the Allied nations. By limiting the campaign to only 10 games, I might see it through to completion.

A player, then, can join the campaign in the knowledge that he will be involved for no more than perhaps two or three games, which is not a large commitment. This makes players much easier to recruit, and unlikley to desert.

Whilst designed for the Sword & the Flame it's not a significant task to switch to the Too Fat Lardies Mud & Blood rules.

First up The Rise of the Boxer and the first three scenario's.
Senluo Temple (October 18, 1899)
Laishui Boxing Grounds (May 16, 1900)
Boxer Rebellion (May 22, 1900)


  1. Looking forward to my invite :)

  2. A period I hope to eventually collect/game. Thanks for the nod on the book.

    1. Thanks Pat, looking over your blog that would be some thing special.