Friday, March 15, 2013

28mm Barbed Wire

I've started to look about for suitable terrain to compliment the RJW Project and spotted these at the WMMS show last Sunday.

They are made by the guy's over at Products forWargamers.

At £2.50 a section, I think they are really good value you would struggle to make them yourself and paint them any cheaper.

The Barbed Wire defences

Most of the barbed wire I had seen in the past was of the coiled variety, but I was after some thing more a kin to photo's of the defences at Port Arthur which seemed to be thinner but spread over a larger area, not quite the masses found on the Western Front in another 10 years.


Lightly flocked, I added additional TSS flock and Silfor Grass to make them blend in with my own terain pieces. I could perhaps do with 5-6 more pieces, perhaps adding shell damage to create a breach in the wire.

Something else for the Salute shopping list.

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