Friday, March 29, 2013

Chinese Imperial Army in the Russo Japanese War.

One of the interesting facts of the Russo-Japanese War was that it was fought neither on Russian nor Japanese soil and whilst nearly forgotten if you ask gamer of early twentieth-century wars it could be argued that it set up the power balance in the East leading to the Pacific War in WW2 but also was the blue print for modern warfare in World War I.

Whilst I wait for my latest reinforcements from Tsuba Miniatures, I thought I would clear up a few items off the painting table, I have a section of Imperial Chinese from Redoubt Enterprises which have been hanging around for several years, which I thought they would make an interesting addition to the RJW collection and future scenario's.

Redoubt are one of these companies that if you looking for that special casting or that model that is slightly off the beaten track, plus you can still buy single figures rather than blisters were there is always one pose you are not quite happy with.

The Chinese Army took NO formal part in the RJW but there are numerous mentions of Chinese regulars being used to protect the railway lines from  Chinese Honghuzi bandits so I can envisage several scenario's for the boys in blue....
Chatting through this point on the on the RJW Yahoo Group, for those with an eye for the larger games, when the War began the Chinese moved the Wu Wei Tso-dsun Army under General Ma to the inner border.

The army consisted of:
Sixteen battalions of Infantry (7,500 men)
Five squadrons of cavalry (900 men)
Three sections of artillery 1, 100 men, I am assuming 6 guns)

Next up more Russians.


  1. A lovely looking unit that I am sure will see some action. Thanks for sharing those historical facts, I know very little about this conflict but it is starting to appeal.

    1. Cheers Pat, just need to put in the hours to get them on the gaming table.

  2. Great looking figures there and redoubt do some nice stuff, I actually brought some cows and ducks off them recently

    1. Definitely one of the mainstays of the hobby, I have some of their sheep and they have appeared in every Too Fat Lardies Scenario from Dux to IABSM.