Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wargaming the RJW 1904 - 1905 Russian Uniforms

Real progress this week, the 1st of the Russians are off the paint table, once again from Tsuba Miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks.I was in a real quandary with these, looking at the tried and tested Osprey Plates (See below) the Russian tunic's were often dyed in Khaki on campaign leading to different shades. Reading several reports of the Battle of Mukden the Russian's are described in anything from Olive to Dark Green.
In the end I decided on a separate shade for each section to highlight the individual element's the first section is painted using a darker shade, whilst the next unit will be a lot lighter.

Big Men and Leaders based on Hexes to separate them from the rest of the unit.

The intended look for the 2nd Section.

The colours used were as follows.
Type 1 Tunic - Foundry Raw linen Shade 30A.
Type 1 Trousers - GW Death World Forest.
Shoulder Boards -Foundry Deep Blue Light 20C
Cap Band - GW Red Gore, GW Dark Angels Green

Type 2 Tunic - Foundry Moss Light 29C.
Type 2 Trousers - Foundry - Storm Green Shade 27A.

Boots - Black
Water Bottle - Vallejo German Grey
Rifle - Tan Shade 14A, Vallejo Gun Metal Blue.
Bayonet - GW Bolt Gun Metal, Highlighted GW Mithril Silver.
Rifle Strap - GW Rhinox Hide.
Webbing - Foundry Tan Shade 14A.
Entrenching Tool - Foundry Spearshaft Light 13C
Canvas Ammo Pouch - Foundry Rawhide Light 11C
Satchel - Foundry Storm Green Light 27C
Cap Badge - Gold
Flesh - GW Elf Flesh
Wash - GW Agrax Earthshade.
Basing - GW Rhinox Hide, Dry Brush Vallejo Desert Yellow, Iraqi Sand.


  1. Very nice looking figures!

  2. They look very nice and a good uniform guide too.

  3. I love the figures, and the painting job is excellent. I started collecting 15mm (Old Glory and Peter Pig) Russians years ago for a Russo-Japanese War project, even managed to get one battalion painted up, but the guy who was doing the Japanese completed his army long before I did and then seemed to vanish off the planet (Gavin, where are you?)

    The Old Glory figures are very nice but don't have any bayonets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Everyone knows that the Russians always kept the bayonets permanently fixed, to the point where some of them were (allegedly) rusted on.

    Anyway I've still got the figures and continue to work on them, occasionally. I'm now thinking of putting them up against some Blue Moon 15/18mm North West Frontier (NWF) models in a fictitious (but it could have so easily happened) campaign on India's NWF, all part of the 'Great Game'.

    Has anyone got any views of that ~ please feel free to contact me on with any comments (polite only, please).

    Also does anyone have any idea about the uniforms for the Russian artillery in 1904 - 05 period, please? What was the colour of their shoulder straps, collars etc, please?

    Thank you.

  4. Ernie the great game is a fab idea, did think about it myself. as to the shoulder boards for the Russian artillery, have you tried joiing the RJW Yahoo group, the chaps on there are very knowledgeable.