Sunday, March 24, 2013

Redoubt Enterprises - 28mm Russo Japanese

It must be a record, I picked these up at the WMMS show in early March and within one calender month they are painted based and on the table....
I was looking for support weapons for both the Russian's and the Japanese to compliment the Infantry sections you can always rely on Redoubt to have peices to fill in the gaps.

First up Japanese Hotchkiss and Crew, I have added a dice point to record either the number of crew available or any shock points, depending upon the rule set being played.
The MG was a little difficult to put together hence the rise at the front of the base.

A Russian Maxim and Crew with added shock marker.

Whilst clearing some of the back log, I found this Foundry casting from their Zulu War Collection and a with a few minutes with a scalpel turned them into Russians. I think they make a reasonable Russian Shock Marker.


  1. Great job Stuart, lovely work Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael, itching to find some game time now.
      All the best.

  2. I have seen the casualty base dice markers before but that is a great idea using them for the gun crews.

    1. Both Mud & Blood and Triumph & Tragedy call for 5 crew and it seemed the best way of representing the right number of troops without filling the base with extra's.