Saturday, November 01, 2014

CONTRACTING TROUBLE! - Zikanga Campaign AAR #3

Finally after months of fighting and hundred's of deaths, the UN finally pass a special resolution which sees boots on the ground in Zikanga.

How do you restore order and impliment democratic elections when you have no idea who the good guys are?
Right now all you need to worry about is securing your perimeter and  own logistics.

An SUV carrying two civilian contractors was hit by gunfire as it moved through a local village.
UAV footage indicates that the contractors are injured but alive. The contractors have held the small group of militia gunmen who attacked their vehicle at bay for nearly a quarter of an hour, but more armed men have been spotted converging on the disabled SUV.
A squad of UN Peacekeepers is in the vicinity and can be on site within the hour.

Regular Mission Objective
The UN must locate the contractors and escort them off the south or west table edge. The contractors are lightly wounded and are low on ammunition, they are seriously pinned down.
It is important to keep UN losses to a minimum!

Militia Mission Objective
Prevent removal of contractors from leaving the table.
Due to poor command and control, the Militia player may not attempt to seize or kill the contractors before the UN are in sight.

Two Contractors from Cobra Security duck back behind a low fence after being shot off the road.

The UN enter the table, troops from one of the local African Nation are first in country to respond to the people of Zikanga's needs.

Local militia move through the surrounding jungle looking to send a message to the latest invader....
"Get off my land"

Flash Point - The UN sees the crashed SUV and imediately come under fire from the poor quality  militia, a number of the UN personnel are pinned but several milita are killed in the fire fight.

A large group of militia close in on Cobra's position. As Mama Newee looks on...

The UN are hard pressed to contain the situation as move of their men become pinned.

The militia close in on all sides.

RPG fire seriously wounds one of the UN, this first mission is turning in to a nightmare, barely past the first house in the village.

Fuelled by drink and drugs the militia seize their moment and pour into the street, but the regular training of the militia sees them deliver a stream of fire into the attackers killing several and pinning a number of others.

The UN pull back, with two men down, they are going to need to rethink this plan.

 The Cobra operatives make their break and seek sanctuary in one of the village huts, they are going nowhere any time soon.

Played using Chris Peers - At Close Quarters rules, it gave an excellent feel for the period, the regular training of the UN troops killed a number of the militia, but the weight of fire constantly pinned the UN giving them no option but to fall back.

Part 2 Sunday - Operation Kill Cobra.


  1. Great report Stuart and had a real feel of a 'best laid plan' turned upside-down by the unpredictability of the situation.

    1. A good set or rules Michael, militia have difficulty in killing but can pin alot of regulars.

  2. Nice AAR and the scenery looks great.

    1. Cheers Steve - I think I paid about £30 for the plastic plants imported from China.

  3. Great game Stu. Cannot wait for another part.

  4. Excellent AAR. The set up looks amazing.

    1. Needs a few more signs etc and road side junk, but it is starting to come together nicely now.

  5. Things not going to plan sounds familiar.
    The terrain and that Bill Board really look the part. Great report Stu.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Ron, Part 2 should be up today...