Friday, November 21, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action.

Who said men can't multi-task???
Whilst the paint table is now covered with 15mm Russian Infantry and Armour I did make some in roads into the "left overs".

I am pretty sure these are from EM4 Miniatures?

The cameraman will be useful for the Zikanga campaign and  the militia woman...... well you can't have enough milita can you...

The last of the unpainted moderns - Just before Spectre's kickstarters arrive.


  1. They surely are from EM4 even old Grenadier miniatures if I'm not mistaken but still the best around! I have the same unpainted though ... Great work on yours!

    1. It's taken some time to finally get them done.
      Ahhh Grenadier that takes me back.