Saturday, November 08, 2014

OPERATION KILL COBRA - Zikanga Campaign AAR #4

Sunday @ the Wyverns - Just another day in Zikanga.

The UN had regrouped and had been reinforced, after the ambush a few hours earlier they had to get back into the village of Bucula, fortunately the contractors had gone to ground and there was no suggestion that they had been captured - Yet.

Regular Mission Objective
The UN must locate the contractors and escort them off the south or west table edge. The contractors are lightly wounded and are low on ammunition, find the cobra contractors and get them off the table.
It is important to keep UN losses to a minimum!

Militia Mission Objective
Kill the contractors.
They are holed up somewhere in the village get to them before the UN do.

Reinforced with a second squad, the UN advance with purpose into the village, moving house to house in the hunt for the operatives.

The Militia enter from 3 entry points, also moving from house to house in the hunt for Cobra.

"Gotcha" the last house in the village and the cobra contractors are found, they open up killing two of their attackers, but the militia numbers are to great and they go down in a hail of gunfire and the swing of machetes.

The UN engage a party of militia as they attempt to flank the assault teams.

With the Cobra members killed and the UN under pressure from all sides they are left with no choice but to fall back once again from Bucula.

Not quiet what I had in mind, the Cobra members suffered from some terrible dice and the militia passed almost every morale test.... still the fight for Zikanga must go on.

Played using Chris Peers - At Close Quarters rules.


  1. Good batrep. I must admit I was rooting for the militia.

    1. I am going to need those BMP's I had planned:-)

  2. Looks fun as always Stu. How are you finding the rules?

    1. Pretty good Phil, slow movement gives you the chance of a kill, but run around and you gey to pin everyone in sight.
      Well worth a try soon.