Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Too Fat Lardies - Chain of Command - Soviet Platoon.

It's amazing what a little bit inspiration can do to spur you on.
Back in September last year, I reorganised my Late War Germans for Chain of Command, I had every intention of revisting the Soviets which were at that stage a section strong, but simply ran out of time or more likely another distraction came along.

However one bookshop, several fellow gamers blogs later and the Russians are well on there way.

As mentioned in a previous posting several years ago I took part in a rather enjoyable campaign using Rapid Fire about the crossing of the Oder and the Seelow Heights, like many campaigns it never did reach a conclusion before players moved away or the gaps between games becames months and then stopped.
Maybe this time it would be different.....

In the past week with a new found vigour I have managed to complete a fair amount, a platoon and several of the potential support elements within Chain of Command for the Soviets.

Unfortunately the figures were based and undercoated on three to a base and the ankles to weak to successfully remove all of the figures without a significant number of casualties. So the sections will just have to benefit from a few extra reinforcements.
Junior leaders are based on 1 pence pieces, senior leaders on 2 pences.

First section ready for battle, I have gone for a similar basing to the late war Germans, with mud and apartial snow covering, which should allow them to mix on most tables given the terrain that we have available at the Wyvern wargames club.
I am not quite ready for a full winter table - yet....

Two flame thrower teams, ready to break the will of the German defenders, the double shock inflicted will always come in handy.


Two AT guns from the plastic soldier company, not sure what they will do to a Tiger II, but these have been sitting unpainted since donated by a good friend of mine some 12 months back, great to finally get them completed.

50mm Mortar team and HMG team, whilst within the rules they come with a number of other figures in a section, but two figures to a base is fine for gaming purposes.

A scout platoon or tank riders, these need expanding to include leaders and support weapons, but will do for starters and the winter smocks make a difference to the rest of the Soviets in overcoats.

With Reading only a week away - the shopping list now looks like a Red Square parade with T34/85's and perhaps a couple of JSII's for good measure.

I used the following paint scheme for those interested.
Russian Uniform - Val 924 Russian Uniform + Light Dry Brush.
Helmet - Val 890 Reflective Green
Webbing - Val 825 Cam Pale Brown.
Rifle - Foundry - Tan
Rifle Strap - Foundry Spearshaft 13B
Bayonet - GW Bolt Gun Metal
Flesh - GW Elf Flesh
Blanket - Foundry 12B Drab


  1. Your winter Soviets are amazing! Love them a lot! And Oder river!!! Seelow Hills!!! Rapid Fire!!!!! I need to find it on your blog.

    1. Stay tuned Bart, plenty more to follow.

  2. Looking great Stu. Not to worry about a few extra chaps.

    I'd like to see your take on a winter board. Until then, even my Greatcoated units will be on 'autumn' basing rather than winter!

    1. Phil tried to go for just a lite touch for the snow, which should allow me to mix with your collection and Ade's.

  3. Very nice work Stu. Do like the winter bases.

  4. Looking extremely good, Stu! I'm shivering just looking at that snow! Great work!