Sunday, February 07, 2016

Chechen Project - Heavy Metal Part 3

Mission complete.

With smell of varnish still lingering the Russian Armour is complete and ready for action tonight, I might even be tempted to change the scenario just to throw in a some mobile reinforcements for the Russians to give these some game time, but we all know about the curse of freshly painted models :-)

Column Forward - The Russian Federation.

Two BTR70's and a BTR80, I need to add a further vehicle to represent the command vehicle for the platoon, but might use the BTR80 for that as the BTR70's are such an iconic vehicle.

A pair of T-72 B's ready to lead the assault, I could be tempted by a couple of T80's to finish off the platoon but these give the Russian's a spearhead.

A BRDM2 to provide a recon element togother with a BMP2, the BMP will form the basis of the second section, which I plan to bolster with a couple of BMD's.

A ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" used in a ground support role.

I am short of a few vehicles to bring the various platoons up to strength, the next batch will be a little more worn with stowage and a few with distruptive paint patterns, but for now these will be more than enough for the run of the mill encounter.

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