Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Chechen Project - Heavy Metal

Half way through the week and I have made some progress for this weekend's first outing of the Chechen Project, the mound of shiny metal from QRF has been cleaned up, glued together, filled and primed.... 

I did contemplate hanging on for more releases from Battlefront and Team Yankee but am not a great fan of 5 of everything and would rather mix up the AFV's.
Price wise there is little between the two, but metal castings feels like you get more for your money.

I have opted for a cross section of hardware for the Russians and will add a few extra's as the project expands. but with 2 BTR 70s and a BTR 80 this gives me enough for 3 sections of infantry, a BMP adds a further infantry section or command . A BRDM for scouting missions together with 2 T72's and an AA unit to add a little punch to the battle group. 
A few more lorries will be needed in time.

The BM21 and the Artillery piece are more likely to be used for scenario's than actual fighting units, in my mind will be used by the Chechen's rather then the Russian Forces.

The basing in the main is finished with oval bases from Warbases covered with PVA glue and play sand and baked in the oven for speed, first ensuring the wife is out :-)

This is followed up by a dry brushing and flock from TSS/QRF to blend in with the terrain blocks.
My intention is to secure the vehicles afterwards adding additional grass and the like similar in style to the infantry.

A busy few evenings to follow.


  1. Cool! Looks exciting ... love the Russian armour! :-)

    1. Just need to put the hours in now.

  2. Looking good Stu !
    Regards Gav .

    1. The drive for Sunday continues....