Saturday, February 06, 2016

Chechen Project - Heavy Metal Part 2

A late night paint session on Friday to bring these to the table top in time for Sunday.
With the opening a scenario involving mostly infantry, I figured best to start with the mission objectives in case I don't get enough hours on the brushes this weekend.

First up a BM21 Rocket Launcher and it's accompanying support function a URAL open backed truck. 

The plan is paint up all vehicles with a Russian Federation feel on the basis that captured kit would be used for the Chechen's as the scenario dictates.

With the bulk of the Russian forces being MBT's and AFV's and armoured columns their opponents the Chechen's will be restricted to various artillery types to support their ground troops so hardware like the BM21 will be perfect although the likihood of actually firing it on table will be minimal if you consider the actual ranges open to this artillery piece.

The QRF kits went together reasonably well and once painted and based look great, whilst they may lack the crisp style that can be achieved in the newer plastic offerings they will stand up to game play a little better and have a real weight to them.

I have added the smaller bricks to blend with the officers amongst the foot figures and the rubble, should allow me to easily transfer them from a rural to an urban setting.