Monday, February 15, 2016

England Invaded - Martian Moves Turn 3

Two months have slipped by since the last outing in the current Martian Empires campaign but the Martian's have not been idle.

The invaders break free from their red weed covered territory into the areas of England currently untouched by the steel claws of the out of world invader. West Glamorgan, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire fall to the Martians without a fight, historical cities and and towns that have stood for hundreds of years are razed to the ground, Stowmarket and Cambridge are nothing more than blackened ruins.

Meanwhile the battle lines are drawn in other areas, in the Midlands where the Humans have sufficent troops to hold the Martian invader they form up prepared to stem the Martian advance, will they fight or will they withdraw, pulling the red foe away from their cylinders?

Defence of Powys
700 Martian vs 345 Human

Defence of Staffordshire
600 Martian vs 300 Human
Defence of Cheshire
509 Martian vs 200 Human
Defence of Warwickshire
500 Martian vs 200 Human

The siege of London continues, the occasional scout machine scuttles forward probing the earth works and trenches, however over recent days the hammering from the pits has increased and the unearthly howling can be heard long into the night.
The Martian onslaught is coming.

2000 vs 800 - Attacking on two fronts.
The Martians are also attacking the Surrey salient (300 vs 100) but with such a small garrison one suspects the The Queens Royal Foot will have to retire towards the capital if it still stands.


  1. Eeek! Those point matchups look pretty rough for the Humanity. Are the martians hitting the humans where they are weak? Or do they humans start weak and ramp up over time? Or some other explanation?

    1. Dave a little like risk, the Martians have the ability to reinforce and then move, the same will happen next turn with the Human player taking the lead. The maximum encounters are capped so it should settle down after a while.