Thursday, February 11, 2016

Terracotta warriors - Watchful I Studio's

Several months ago I backed Watchful I Studio's Kickstarter for their Ancient Chinese Range, they added a number of fantasy pieces to the Kickstarter campaign which I thought would be useful for the odd Chinese fantasy encounter.

With Hammerhead but a month or so away, perhaps the most fun show on the circuit  the Wyverns have elected to run a participation game with the working title "The Water Margin".
I best get thinking about what this will look like.

I imagine you might see these breaking from their static poses and strutting about the table.


  1. Where do you find the time Stu, so many projects so little time !
    Regards Gav .

  2. Very nice and great to see them a bit worn and ragged after all of that time underground.

  3. Nice work, Stu. Looking forward to seeing who they will encounter. Maybe a Japanese patrol looking for loot? :)

  4. I completely missed these Stuart, lovely job though.