Sunday, May 24, 2015

28mm Coal Mine.....

As part of the prepartion for OML3 I have been reading into the Battle of Shaho 1904 a particular part of the engagement was the Japanese 12th Division assault on the Yantai coal mines an attack  that was to cost both sides over 5000 casualties.

By chance I spotted the following item on ebay and figured with a little work I could create my own Yantai mine.

Hand made from card a couple of spokes and kitchen string it appears to be originally for HO scale it just needed cleaning up a little and the flock and scatter up grading.
I may well add some coal scatter at a later date.

I added a Chinese coolie to give a sense of scale, whilst the doors are a little off it is certainly large enough for gaming purposes and I can see it being used in a variety of periods and scenario's from the RJW to AVBCW.  - A real bargin at £10.00

A Photo of coal works circa 1900.... Actual photo's of the Yantai mine have proven impossible to find but this looks pretty good to me for a table top representation.


  1. Nice job and should look great on the table.

  2. Brilliant! Look forward to seeing it in action!

  3. Fantastic piece of terrain. Well done!

  4. That looks the business Stu, have you looked at the Army and navy military press book shop they have three books on the Russian/Japanese war all reprints of original period books .
    Regards Furphy .

    1. I will take a look now.
      I seem to be picking up quite a collection.