Saturday, April 23, 2022

Silver Bayonet Solo - Rise & Shrine.

A shrine deep in Manchuria, rumoured to hold the key to unspeakable power. The Russian faction have orders to secure the artefact and return it to high command. 

There is only one problem the shrine is surrounded by warriors of the past rising from their graves to protect the shrine.

As a solo mission I had the benefit of surveying the table and formulating a plan in advance, so half the section would enter on the right flank and distract the undead leaving the Kaptain and remainder to rush in from the left. The first couple of turns and the Infantry start their plan, drawing the cadavers across the paddy fields.

Bullets proved to be less than the perfect weapon it took several rounds to take down the dead and more of their number shuffled through the rice field.

With enough of the dead drawn towards the firing, the remaining troops broke cover and rushed towards the shrink, Egor swung his axes and felled one of the ancient guards.

All was going to plan with two of the five clues uncovered, Father Gregor was on his way to the main shrine when a new threat advanced on the party... Hopping over terrain.

On the left flank Mother Elizaveta had drawn a number of the guardians away from the firing line, but was being pursued by another hoping vampire.

Kaptain Silenski had a near miss when the first vampire clawed at him, but he was able to wound it with his silver blade.

With all clues uncovered. The section rushed passed the shambling husks.

Time for a sharp exit.

A succesful mission, a couple of light wounds but who wants to go head to head with two Vampires.

+1 XP 3 Markers, +1 XP Revenants killed, +1 XP 4 Soldiers off the table, +4 for escaping with the two artefacts Silver Lantern and the Jade Seal.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Silver Bayonet - Chinese Honghuzi or Cultists

With Covid stalking the household and Easter plans cancelled, an opportunity for guilt free painting and another bunch of extra's for The Silver Bayonet. 

A number of scenario's call for cultists or bandits so I went with Chinese Honghuzi as part of the Russo-Japanese narrative I thought I would paint up these Foundry Boxers as members of a cult intent on protecting the the Fangshi or other evil forces.

I went for a simple black and red colour uniform to compliment the 'Devils'. Lots of swords and big choppers, as I am writing this it dawned on me that there is a little more than a touch of Karl Douglas about them for those of you of a certain age :-)

These should be fun and something a little different to keep the Russians and Japanese on their toes.

Next up... A return to the Bronze Age.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Dispatches from the front XXIII - Support your local club.

The lighter nights and better weather for varnishing means that much of the last few months painting can finally be finished and added to their comrades in their trays.

It been a good couple of weeks gaming with a number of great club games. Clubs have suffered over the past two years with falling membership and a number of gamers turning to solo gaming, but you can't beat getting out of the house and rolling some dice.

If you are in and around the Worcestershire area you can check them out here, the kettle is always on.

Wyvern Wargamers - (3) Wyvern Wargamers | Facebook

Wyre Forest Gamers - Wyre Forest Gamers (

On with the games.....

The first outing for Silver Bayonet at the Wyvern Club a 3 way hunt for a missing artefact turns into a zombie fest, note to self blades are better than bullets when it comes to taking down the undead. 

For a full report you can find it on Paul's excellent blog. Painting Chaos to The Silver Bayonet | movealongnownothingtoseehere

Over at the Wyre Forest Club a chance to dust off the Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians and an adaption for Infamy, Infamy. It was good to play new players who came up with some improvements on the rules for Chariots in the Bronze Age.

This was the original lock down project, it turns out that there are still a handful of units left in the draw of shame, these need clearing down.

Wave 4 of the Baron's War from Footsore Miniatures is coming up fast and the latest imagine is not helping lessen the urge to back it.... Roll on May.
If this is not the motivation to clear the paint queue I don't know what is...

Until next time.....

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Silver Bayonet - Manchurian Monster Pool.

As mentioned in an early post some of the creatures can be a little challenging for some of the Joe McCullough's rule books, add to that the complication of going off piste and picking Manchuria as a setting.

Having decided on a change in theatre, I had a quick google on suitable 'monsters' for East Asia and these seemed to fit the bill. Thanks to Northstar and Reaper cracking service.

These were a fun distraction and something a little different to pass through the paint table.

Fangshi - Chinese Necromancer

Possessed - Human's who are willing to invite Demons into their own bodies.

Goblins or Gremlin's - Tiny little buggers but they had a Oriental feel to them.

Hopping Vampire - Why not.

No idea what this is - let's call him a Troll for now.

With a lengthy list of other potential monsters within the rule book, I figured I would match them to what's tucked away in the cupboard. so here goes.....

Vampire Bat - Crows, Demon - Chinese Dragon, Living Armour - Terracotta  Warrior, Hobgoblin - Temple Guard, Black Dog = Fu Dog.

Until next time.......

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Claude Canard Monster Hunter. - Silver Bayonet.

Hot on the heels of the last outing.... Silver Bayonet switches back to the Napoleonic era.

A deserted farm between the lines, French and English patrols are set out to patrol the area and investigate the rumours of children disappearing and a 'bogey-man' attacking livestock in the area.

The opposing patrols enter from either side of the table, seeking to find the source of evil...

True to form... the natural enemies set about each other firing off their muskets as they both approach the farm. Both sides investigate the outlying markers but no sign of the creature.

The Officer of the 95th makes it to the courtyard first and is soon engaged in a close range firefight with a Grenadier who was seeking cover behind the farm house. 

Ensign Claude Canard finally makes an appearance scaling the courtyard wall with his good friend and mentor Ensign Cotelettes de Mouton and able seamen Fabian, they fire their pistols into the Officer and his escort. The man in green is out of the fight.....  

However the gun battle has awoken the creature who rushes towards Claude, the creature takes several rounds and is finally put down with the slash of a sabre from Ensign Cotelettes de Mouton. 

With the creature slain and the English without a leader both sides head back to their own lines taking their wounded with them.

Fortunately some good rolls on both sides, see's both patrols up to full strength for the next outing.

With only one creature on the table it was difficult to judge now the Monster Fate Dice could influence the wider battle, but the one on one firefight felt good, with the French falling back when they became out gunned or was it because the plucky Brits had an Occultist that kept cursing the French fire.

Until next time.....