Sunday, May 26, 2024

Perry Miniatures vs Footsore Miniatures

Time for some more Christians for the long journey to the Holy lands, a mix of Footsore and Perry's... In there own right both lovely castings but I will need a few more from each company as the Perry sculpts look like they have eaten most of the rations....

First up a spear unit in padded jackets and chain mail, mostly Footsore but you can see 'Little Bill' in the front rank, not even similar basing can mask his stature.

Having decided on Lion Rampant for this project I can get away with a smaller units until  I in fill the ranks to make them up till 12 models.

The comparison between the two ranges - Footsore (L) Perry Miniatures (R) - I was thinking about the new Victrix range but by all accounts they are event bigger....

The Christians are likely to need some divine intervention so a bunch of Holy men and Pilgrims to be escorted across the table top.

Finally a bunch of Bill men from Perry's. In their own units they look great.

Not a bad effort before they take to the table for their first outing.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dawn Raid - Barons War/Lion Rampant mash up.

Club night and a mash up, taking the first scenario of the Baron's War Death and Taxes supplement but converting the units to Lion Rampant. 

The hamlet of Wimentun has been under the heel of the Sherriff and his henchmen for a long time, taxes have been increasing month on month, it was time to take a stand.

The villagers had, had enough stirred on by hooded figure in green it was time to turn away the tax collectors and fight for their freedom gathering in the village square the men and women of Wimentun had to defend their hovels and notable buildings (Church, Blacksmith, Pigsty and Treehouse) from the attackers. The villagers start in the centre of the village with the tax collectors coming on from all sides.

The Hooded Man cheering on the defenders.

The outlaws take to the tree house as the spearmen rush into the village, firing arrows into the attackers.

Coming on from the 4 corners, the Sherriff's men are looking to surround the men in green as well as raiding each of the homes, taking every penny that could be found.

The heavy horse move down from the high ground looking to break into the village, the local loose their arrows slowing down the initial assault.

It turns out unarmoured archers are no much use against armoured cavalry and they are routed from the field. The villagers and defenders fall back heading to the church.

The outlaw heads into the forest being chased away by the Sherriff's men.... A change of tactics next time perhaps? - One thing is for certain the taxes of Wimentun will definitely be going up.

A great scenario that transfers well from one rule set to another..
With 4 players a number of which had not played Lion Rampant before it ran well and gave a realistic and quick outcome.

More games to follow as the Outlaws strike back....

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Perry Miniatures - Armoured Crossbowmen

The Christians are in need of some additional support - These Perry Crossbowmen are great casts and the compliment to the Crusaders already done. They are slightly larger than the Footsore range but to my eye the poses are more dynamic.

I opted for some uniformity with a white smock for all rather than the mix of colours for the Arab/Islamic forces I figured it would be a good contrast.

I have been looking over the Lion Rampant rules and these will make a great skirmish unit, although they made need an additional point in cost to increase their armour value given the chainmail shirt.

They should be appearing a table soon.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

D- Day - Fox Green Beach - Bolt Action

With the 80th Anniversary of D-Day approaching lots of chat at the club about returning to refight the allied invasion of Europe.

A few weeks earlier than planned and the US landing at Fox Green Beach. A great looking table, Andy S put in a load of effort to map the bunkers against the actual locations.

Can the 116th RCT clear the beach?
Played using Bolt Action with a couple of tweaks including increasing the number of allied troops available on the day.

Lots of home made bunkers and Tobruk turrets to hamper the allied assault.

The Americans storm ashore, with GI rushing across the open ground.

That flaming 88mm was playing havoc with the DD tanks as the Infantry stalled under MMG fire, fortunately a naval bombardment was able to pin a number of the defenders for a couple of crucial turns.

Slowly the allies made there way through the wire and knocked over one pill box at a time. Fox Green Beach was open ;-)

Great fun.... lots of talk about a bigger game and linking it to the airborne landings.... Let's see what June brings.

Now back to the brushes.

Monday, May 06, 2024

May Day & the AWI Project hits the paint table.

May Day and whether that is the Celebration of Spring or International Workers Day it's a day on the brushes and the start of the American War of Independence project, still plenty to do with the Crusades but I set myself the goal of starting this in the Spring.

 Chatting through with a number of gamers in particular Steve over at Wargames With Toy Soldiers: 1685 - 1985 ( I opted for Rebels and Patriots as a rule set and Pendraken Miniatures in 10mm

The American War of Independence has been on my wish list since I first got into gaming, back in the 1980's and saw AL Pacino's Revolution. I had a bunch of Front Rank Figures but never enough for a full game and at that age limited funds to complete the project. 

In recent moths the hankering for 'bigger' games lead me to look for something else beyond large skirmishes. Rebels & Patriots seems to hit the mark my plan is to break the units down into various bases types, Regular line spread across 3 square bases for a unit, skirmish units on pill bases and command/officers on a circular base.

Lots of chatter on various forums about how to paint them, with gamers painting them on lolly sticks or on their terrain base. I opted for basing first my concern being that once painted trying to get the basing done afterwards might land on the completed figures.... Let's see

On the Pendraken site their is a usual paint guide for the British Line, my painting guide is here.
Tunic - Foundry Scarlet/Scarlet Light
Trousers/Webbing - White
Cartridge Pouch - Black
Boots/Hat - Black
Cuffs - Yellow Ochre
Musket - Chestnut/Silver/Brass
Flesh - Foundry Palomino
Soft Tone - Army Painter Wash.

The Soft Tone wash really brings out the base colours, followed by a touch of highlighting to the whites and yellows.

The first two units should clear the paint table over the next couple of days just in time for the flags to arrive from Maverick Models -

I am quickly learning to take a step back and to not look to closely at the detail as it's the unit effect that will have the impact, the prep takes longer than the actual painting of the units which makes for a refreshing change.

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Outremer Arabs - Knives and bombs.

Another day and another fistful of Arabs completed.

Not sure if these will make the table top in any meaningful way but I am working on the basis that no mini's will be left behind :-)

Two Assassins ready to strike in the middle of the night.

Four Naffatun's these were Turkish Infantry who carried primitive bombs to throw a volatile flammable liquid at their enemy, the burning liquid would penetrate the heaviest armour but the chances of exploding in their own hands is high.

Could be fun in a skirmish game and might even make their way into the Napoleonic games.