Saturday, October 29, 2022

Dispatches from the front XXVI - Lists & hidden treasures.

The Vichy Senegalese Tirailleurs are nearing the end of the production line, a little later than planned as real life has gotten in the way. Once complete they could fight for the allies as part of the Western Colonial forces. There is not a vast amount of info available, but these gives you a flavour of the uniform.

Having gone 50-50 on the latest offer from Warlord - The Gentleman's war which is provides forces for the 8th Army and the Africa Korp, I suspect it will be Bolt Action. With that in mind we had a couple of dry runs over at the Wyre Forest Club and a chance to dust off my Japanese, despite having had them for over 10 years I had never used them using Bolt Action.

It turns out I have over 1300 points of Japanese taking on a fellow club members US Marines, I may need a few extra's as the light Japanese armour really struggles against the Sherman.

It was suggested iI used EasyArmy to work out the points, what a great site it points up your units, tells you how many dice you get and adds all the special rules for each faction on one page. It's now become an obsession with multiple lists for every collection.

I might be late to the party but well worth a look, you can find a link here. 

Moving some of the boxes around it turns out hidden away in a number of boxes were a number of extra's which never made it to the table, they range from US Marines, the odd modern militia and a few ancients. I thought I had cleared all of these during the lockdowns... How many more have I squirreled away?

Hopefully a quick job to get these on the table......

Sunday, October 23, 2022

V the Mini Series - Knock Knock #5

Over the years I have switched between several rules sets and this outing is no different. In low level games I like the idea of ducking back and being pinned by fire, Chain Reaction by Two Hour Wargames really captures this well and strikes the balance between 'Stars' and regular troopers.

Back to the depths of Zikanga where the Visitors have been struggling to suppress the local population, it just goes to show not every mothership was sent to major US and European cities. 

Intelligence has led to resistance leader Soloman Mohah who is located in a village protected by a group of militia men. The Visitors need to capture him, whilst keeping casualties to a minimum.

The Visitors can approach the village from any of the access roads, the militia man the main check point and have men in most of the huts. The militia outnumber the Visitors by 3:1 but they are poorer quality. 

Picking the right access road Diana and the Shock Troopers rush in with the heavy laser cannon pouring fire into the militia men who stumbled from the first hut. The intention to attract the defenders and draw them out of their defensive positions.

Having drawn the sentries away a fresh detachment of Shock Troopers advanced up the main road using the concrete pillars as cover. 

As the firefight at the front of the village continues, further Visitors land at the rear of the village, which is largely undefended.

The Visitors get the drop on Soloman, taking out a number of his guards who were unable to react in time. Caught in the open they are cut down where they stood.

A lowly technician rushes round the corner to grab Soloman but is shot down, he would not get a second shot as another technician sets her blaster to stun and Soloman is down.

Visitors fill the village while the remainder of Soloman militia hide in the huts unwilling to risk more of their number in a firefight with the Shock Troopers. 

A fun encounter which delivered the right result. One person of interest captured, 15 of his militiamen killed for the loss of only two troopers. The Chain Reaction rules work really well, with the lower quality militia were often unable to react and fire in the same turn. The Visitor Body armour protected many of the troopers unless caught in the open at close range or from higher calibre weapons of the militia.

The reaction rules worked well, the threat of the heavy laser cannon and the blasters forced many of the militia to keep their heads down when better trained troops might be inclined to return fire....

Episode 6 - Can Soloman Mohah be rescued?

Friday, October 21, 2022

V The mini-series - Yet more Visitors.

A break from all the khaki and back to some Crooked Dice Miniatures which I picked up last March at Hammerhead. The latest 'not' V troops were modelled on the Security Troopers of the original 80's mini-series. They were distinguished by a gold-coloured helmets.

However, I had already created a number of these before the extras appeared in the Crooked Dice catalogue, so I opted for Charles Elite Guard - Only seen in the later TV series which followed a few years after the series mini-series.

Commander Charles was a high-ranking Visitor who served as The Leader's special envoy. He is sent to take over military operations from Diana, his guards had white uniforms in a style similar to the shock troopers.

Other entrants making appearance from the TV series were the Visitor jeeps, first up a Laser Cannon manned by Shock Troopers, the second is manned by a V technician. I still need to add the Visitor decal, but they look the part.

Don't forget 'not' Willie. Willie was a Visitor technician who was originally scheduled to be deployed in Saudi Arabia - Played by Robert Englund they have really captured his likeness.

Quite a force with a lander proxy.... Feels like a fresh outing is required soon.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

1st Chechen war 1994 - Part 2 - The defence of the FOB.

With the Russians having pushed through the Chechen defensive lines, they set about defending their forward operating base.

The BTR's had been sent away with the wounded and the Infantry set about their defensives. They are bolstered by a Heavy Machine Gun and Sniper Team. Would it be enough to hold the line?

The Chechen's wanted them out and supported by a unit of National Guard they advanced on the FOB from all sides.

The Russian defenders sprinted forwards to expand their perimeter and secure improved firing positions as the Chechens made slow progress with a number of turns of low activations.

The Russian HMG poured fire into the oncoming Chechens, however it's supressing fire drew the attention of the snipers who were able to add a number of pins on the heavy weapon.

A valiant defence but slowly the irregulars closed to within range of the FOB, throwing grenades and rushing forwards, the poorly trained defenders were forced down and eventually overcome.
The Invaders would need to rethink their plans....

The Modern variant of Bolt Action gives a really good feel, commanders on both sides played a key part in managing their troops and keeping pinned markers to a minimum. Caught in the open troops do not last long, but supressing fire and a close assault proved to be effective once the Chechen's found suitable launch sites for their assult.

Friday, October 07, 2022

Cotswold Wargaming Day 2022 - Kadesh (lite)

Somewhat later than planned a brief summary of the Cotswold outing of Kadesh (lite) and the 1274BC clash between the New Kingdom of Egypt under Ramessess II and the Hittite Empire under Muwatalli II and one of the earliest recorded pitched battles.

First the map of the real events...

We were using Too Fat Lardies Infamy Infamy rules with a couple of tweaks to represent the various elements of the battle.
A birds eye view of the table with Ramesses II to the left and the Kadesh on the hill. The Re Corps can be seen entering the table on the right.

The Re Corp enter the table made up on a light chariot, Nubians and a couple of shield and archer units accompanied by camels and livestock, The Corp were hindered by a number of poor-quality leaders.

The Hittite chariot force had up to 1D6 turns to cross the river (Wadi) and advance on the RE Corp before the Egyptians were able to react. 4 Heavy Chariots and Big Men rumble on to the table.

The Hittites bear down on the Re Corp who head just enough time to turn to face the chariots. The Hittites loaded up with fervour raced towards their foe.

As the battle began. At the far end of the table. The Royal camp could do nothing to influence or react to the forthcoming encounter. Neither Egyptian or Hittite were aware of when Ramesses would react. There were two small markers on the table, the Egyptian King would only spring into action when friend or foe crossed the line.

The Hittite chariots smashed into the Re Corp, the battle swirls and despite damaging a number of the chariots the Egyptians are broken and shattered. So far history was being followed.

The Hittite chariots were having such a good time, running down the scattered units, remnants of the New Kingdom Egyptian Corp fled towards the Royal camp, which allowed Ramesses II to organise his defence. By the time the Hittite attack force had reorganised and dropped off their chariot runners the Royal camp was alert to the threat.

The Hittie force closed on the royal camp, who had now been bolstered by the Ne'arin Detachment who had arrived on the table, it was 2.00pm and the clock was winding down.

Battle is joined between the two chariot forces, the Egyptian medium chariots were out classed, but the Hittite's had a mounting level of casualties from their earlier clash.

The Egyptian chariot force was broken but every Hittite chariot was now below half strength.

The battered Hittite force was no match for the elite defenders, they bounced off and were forced backwards while others were destroyed where they stood.

The Ptah Division enter the table to support the Ramesses II at the rear of the Hittite attack force, it was 3.00pm.

Muwatalli II seeing his chariot force had finally seen their morale drop to 5 (which was the trigger to bring on this infantry) urged his troops forwards, but it was late in the day and the bulk of the Egyptian forces were rapidly deploying to face off against the Infantry who struggling to cross the wadi.

A great day's gaming.... and elements very close to history.

Highs and lows for both sides, the Hittites were distracted sweeping up the Re Corp, they were almost too successful because their morale held up which stopped Muwatalli II from committing his infantry. 
The Egyptian's Re Corp fought valiantly when perhaps they should have turned and ran which would have brought Ramesses and the Amum Division defending the camp into battle sooner.

The Infamy rules held up really well and whilst we were lite on chariots compared to our near neighbours it had a great feel to the battle.
and one of the earliest recorded pitched battles. successful it allowed the