Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Fox holes - Western Desert - Iron Clad Miniatures.

Back to the Western Desert and some welcome cover for the foot sloggers, these fox holes are from Iron Clad Miniatures.

I had thought about creating my own and adding in half figures, but in the end opted for some more functional that can be moved around on the table top. The down side is the placements are quite high but a far comprise vs game play.

The CO gets something a little more sturdy with the sides shored up with planking, cast in resin these are really good value for money with two man fox holes at £4.00 and single for £2.00 

Enough for a section and supports all done in a day...

Next up the Germans get some extra fire power...

Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Elizabethan Zombie Chronicles #8 - Flight of the Queen

2 years have passed since the last campaign game.... gulp..... 

But with a free day, a chance to get all the toys on the table, England a green and pleasant land, but all is not well as across the land plague pits and grave yards now litter the countryside.

The English Army are on the March escorting the Queen to a place of safety as the dead stir, blocking there way a Spanish invasion force looking to capture the monarch.

Outnumbered the English lords hatch a plan to get the Queen away, a small sail boat awaits but only if they can slip the Spanish net.

The walled village had a single gateway marking it's entrance with marsh and swamps to the right and left which has thus far protected the village from all foes.

A rush for the gate English and Spanish forces close on the main road in to village, he who holds the gate controlled the field.

The noise of battle brings forth unwanted foes, the resin could appear from any of the 6 plaque pits but the vast majority appear to surface in front of the Spanish lines.

As the Spanish put the zombies and other evil beasts to the sword the English made their move for the gate.

But the English countryside was no place to loiter and as the trained band held the line the Queen was ambushed by a foul Werebeast, who killed one of the monarchs lady in waiting before it was dispatched.

The Spanish rushed the English as the defenders had their own trouble, the Queen was forced to swallow her pride and wade through the mud and muck to escape the Invaders. Oh the shame..... where was Rayleigh when you needed him :-)

The Queen was away and heading for the sail boat....

A close run affair the Spanish were soundly beating the English until the dead rose and distracted the invaders form their true goal, the English were able to hold the gate sacrificing their trained bands to keep the path open.

The adoption of the Too Fat Lardies, Infamy Infamy rules worked really well and kept the game moving quickly to a conclusion, even if the Queen had the shame of having to wade through the swamp.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

British Western Desert Armour.

After a brief detour it's back to the desert and some British Armour for the Western Desert and Operation Exporter.

Three Vickers Lights Tanks two Mark VIc (15mm Cannon) and a Mark VIb (.50 HMG). Great casting from Warlord with lots of additional stowage to give that in campaign feel.

I opted for commanders hatch open, it's a touch hot in this tin cans. I thought about adding a sky blue/green camo pattern but in the end figured the desert yellow would be enough for most encounters.

Next up some German opposition to balance the odds.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Song of Arthur and Merlin - Ambush at the Forge

Mordred had sent forth his Knights. Looking to take down Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

A quick and bloody affair using Song of Arthur and Merlin.

Sir Kay and Sir Bors de Ganis were at Wendels forge, the pack mule had thrown a shoe which was slowing their journey to Camelot.

Approaching from the East and West were a group of Mordred's Knights looking to take down two of King Arthur's finest.

Arthur's Knights had to hold on. If they could light the Beacon the Town Guard would be called out which would drive off Mordred's Knights.  The only near by help were Sir Palomedes and Sir Pelleas who were manning the town gate. Would 4 Knights be enough?

Good and Evil faced off against each other. Sir Kay picked up his heavy axe and readied himself for war..... Wendel was less convinced of victory and volunteered to head off and light the warning beacon, skirting across the field.

Sir Palomedes and Sir Pelleas rushed down the track from the town only to be ambushed by a number of Mordred's Knights. 

As Sir Kay carved through the evil warriors at the forge poor old Wendel's son was hacked down, these Knights really were evil.

Sir Palomedes was beaten to the ground as he fought two attackers.

But Sir Pelleas enraged by the loss of his brother Knight took out two of his attackers and with Mordred's Knights down to only three and the Blacksmith cresting the hill, the dark Knights left the field. 

A fun affair with lots of 'eavy' metal on the table... the Song of Blades and Heroes mechanism makes for a fun game. The Good Knights were hindered by their chivalry having to let their enemies stand up and being unwilling to double up in any melee... Something the lesser evil knights did not have to worry about.

A long way to go before the Knights have enough chivalry points to go on a quest for the grail.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Lord of the Rings Easterlings.

Hot on the heels of a rare human victory.... just what the forces of Sauron needed..... Some reinforcements. :-(

These GW Easterlings were a Christmas gift which finally made their way to the top of the painting queue. Not the best photo's but coming to a battlefield soon........

The box set gives me two units for the table top, in a change to my usual style I undercoated in gold to try in speed up the process.

Frustratingly unlike other plastic sets from the likes of Perry and Warlord that come with multiple weapon options these contained a fixed set of 4 pike, 8 sword and 8 bow - An excuse to buy another box just to make a unit of 8 pike --- hhhmmmm.

An 8 man archer unit, within our Infamy variant these would better quality than some of their Orc counterparts these are drilled warriors with medium armour. A new challenge for the men of Gondor and Rohan.

Thursday, June 01, 2023

LOTR Campaign #9 Out of the jaws of defeat....

A crunch battle on the approaches to the Gates of Moria.

For several turns both sides had faced each other knowing that whoever blinked, fought and lost would open up the gate way to either territory.... The Orc's blinked first and advanced head long into the defending human forces.

The scenario is rolled and the forces of Rohan and Gondor have to pack up the wagon and escort it from the table before the Orc's can break the line and capture or destroy the wagon....

Shielding the wagon was a collection of ruins which gave some vital cover but hindered any swift movement. True to form the Warg riders lead the advance seizing the high ground looking to flank the defenders. The Riders of Rohan charged forwards to counter the advance but were beaten back.... 

Standing in the Wargs way was a poorly trained militia unit, who hurdled together hiding behind their shield wall... The tricky Orc's parted ranks and out poured berserkers.. dirty trick.....

What a shock for the attackers the militia not only stood, but defeated the attackers twice...... in a row...

Switching tactics the mass ranks of Urai kai advanced forwards, the light troops in the ruins were slowly been worn down by missile and magic fire... they would not stand if attacked by the dense mass of foot troops.....

More Berserkers rush into the ruins..... With the wagon still not moving the badly beaten Rohan scrambled to screen the wagon and escort.

The men of Gondor entered the fray to counter the approaching Orc's.... It was now a race to the finish line as finally the wagon was packed and finally under way.

With a single Force Morale Point left the wagon is off... The alliance of men held on for a rare victory.

A bloody affair for both sides with each force losing around 25% of their starting force.... with two more rounds before reinforcements what would be left to take to the field???

Up next map moves.......