Sunday, April 21, 2024

FootSore Muslim Light Cavalry - Outremer.

Still in the Levant and I finished a another group of light cavalry for the forces of Saladin armed with spear and bow they could be a real handful on the table. 

Having played a couple of Baron's war recently I am looking to give Lion Rampant a run out in the next couple of weeks to see how the two compare, I am still a little light on forces but the idea of 12/6 points for units means I can get some smaller units on the table.

Great sculpts by the Footsore team as always, interesting to hear about their hook up with Atlantic Miniatures for some plastic box sets, I hear that 4 sets are planned, Foot Knights have been confirmed with suggestions that levy, Sergeants and Cavalry are in the wings.

Next up time for some Christian/Pilgrims as these raiders needs some easy targets to pester on the road to the Holy Land.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tactics II - Turn 3 Allied - Game 4 Race for Garharish.

A month or so later than planned and it's the turn of the Allies to take the initiative, with the centre ground starting to bog down the Commonwealth forces pushed down the coast road clearing the mountain passes and rushed for the town of Garharish.

The town was garrisoned by the 20th Infantry 'Friulti' Division the Italians were facing 15th Scottish Infantry Division supported by the 16th Bedfordshire.

Rolling on the Platoon Forward encounter table the allies are ordered to launch a 'hasty attack' so with little or no recon the allies viewed the old maps to and made their move.

The allies had sight of the table above and had orders to cut the road west of Garharish, the Italians had the opportunity to roll on the support table for defences but chances of securing anything substantial was slight.... What you can say is the Italian commander is lucky....

The allies had marked their route of attack and thinking they could save time by cutting the road and seizing the town they placed their forces across a broad front, a front now blocked by wire and pill boxes.

The allies rushed forward looking to do things the old fashioned way with cold steel, ran into a number of defenders in the mosque, the Scots managed to break into the command but were losing a number a significant number of their fighters. 

The left flank looked to be clear of defenders and with the attack on the right pulling in more and more men, perhaps a chance to flank the Friulti Division.

Rising up from behind the dunes the allies rush forward.

The ambush is sprung and the Axis forces pour fire into the mobile gun platform and knocking it out.

Additional Italian troops are unmasked, with troops dug in across the front and covering the open square, The Bedfords and Scots would not be getting into Garharish today.

Axis Losses.
-160 Points

15th Scots Inf Division - 55 Points
16th Bedfordshire Division - 100 Points

A great campaign game and one the of the reasons why Platoon Forward is a great system, the table on face value looked difficult to defend but some low rolls on the defensive tables turned the battle in the Italian's favour with wire and bunkers. If the allies could have cut the road they could have won the day, they can take some comfort that they inflicted a number of losses on the defenders which may force units from the main front to reinforce the town.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Arab Infantry for Operation Exporter.

You can't beat a day on the brushes.

I picked these up from Gripping Beast to make up the postage when I brought some Islamic shield transfers (honestly) these are from their WW1 Ottoman Range but I figured they would be fine for Palestinian Militia for Vichy French forces.

They compare reasonably well to the other ranges of Perry and Warlord, the officer is from the Perry Range. The rifles are slightly thinner than the other manufacturers and are a little weak near the bayonet, one to watch out for.

A useful addition to the French forces.

Friday, April 05, 2024

Arab Light Cavalry - Outremer

The Crusader project rolls on.

After the Christian Foot Knights time for some Arab cavalry, these have sat in the draw of shame for several years and the Outremer project is just the nudge needed to get these on the table.

I used Footsore shields to ensure they mix with the rest of the faction currently on the paint table, the decals are from Little Big Studio and are such a time saver, it's doubtful I could get even close to a similar output or standard.

The horses are a little larger than their Footsore counterparts, I will post up a comparison in a future post. But based up with scrub and scatter they will fit with the larger collection.

The Muslim forces are coming together nicely.