Sunday, October 13, 2019

Antediluvian Miniatures - Kickstarter - Conquerors of Mictlan - Painted (Finally)

Time to catch up on some of the outliers. Last September I picked up the Antediluvian Miniatures - Kickstarter - Conquerors of Mictlan Range. Well a year later they finally made it off the paint table.... Shameful.

These will be perfect for the Ghost Archipelago or the Elizabethan Zombie War Projects, as always with Antediluvian some great sculpts and really rich in character.

Spanish Officer types, the chap on the left with his two handed broadsword has a full face mask, whilst the second character even comes with his own monkey.

More Spanish men-at-arms lets see how the rapier fares against the wandering dead......

Born adventurers, it must be over 20 years since I last painted a dwarf but these guys should come in handy in the campaigns ahead.

The scholars and the young prince. Already thinking about the scenario's for these characters.

I was pretty impressed with Warlords of Erehwon Warlords fantasy rules when we first gave them a run out. With plenty of scope for some of the odd ideas I had for the Elizabethan games.
I think these figures might just push me over the edge to make the purchase.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Zombieland meets Countryfile - Part 1

A cracking zombie outing and something a little different for this weeks midweek game, two teams of survivors seeking out supplies of food, water and a safe place to rest.
The setting our own backyard and the village of Stoulton in Worcestershire.

Background and Timeline.

African states have the largest outbreak of Ebola ever seen.
Top medical consultants around the world advise Governments to close their borders and ground all aircraft.
Governments refuse due to the economic situation, fearing a fall back towards the market crashes in recent years.
Governments push through untested drug trials designed to stop the Ebola outbreak.
Initially the trials worked and patients began to recover. After 48 hours of starting the treatment a minority of patients began suffering from total organ failure resulting in death.
Once dead the body would appear to re animate with a lust for human flesh. 
The epidemic quickly spread with International flights easily spreading the infected to all corners of the earth.

The United Kingdom, like other Western Countries, quickly became over run by the walking dead. Society quickly broke down starting in major cities around the Country.
London and Manchester were the first cities to fall and all communication was lost. 
The Government was abolished with those few members surviving going underground to safe zones believed to be old cold war bunkers.
Small communities have survived by retreating behind walled towns or hamlets.
The few that remain face a day to day uphill struggle to survive.

All major populated areas have as best that you can tell been over run by the undead.
Worcester can be seen from the distance and appears to be burning, big thick plumes of smoke billow out from that direction.
It is believed that the undead horde will be at its worst in the cities.

As law and order breakdown different factions look to carve out a safe place to survive the outbreak. Heading into the less populated areas a detachment of Police head into the village outskirts. Meanwhile a biker gang coming out of Birmingham approach the village from the North.

A mean looking bunch armed with clubs, crowbars and a loose collection of firearms. The roar of the engine of the GT brings the dead shambling forwards. The perfect start for a day in the country.

Meanwhile after quietly entering the village the boom of the shotgun blasts brings the dead to the fence line, their fingers clawed at the wooden fence seeking human flesh.

Having escaped the clutches of the dead the PC's ran down the road towards the petrol station looking to grab a car or dive into a building. The dead start to fill the street.

What a time to lose your initiative :-(.
Swamped by walkers, shotgun blasts and swinging batons brought more of the dead out of the their dark corners. Will they survive stay tuned for Part 2.

A great game and looking forward to seeing if the PC's can survive the rising dead.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Red Phoenix Project - 6mm Korean Village

Back in the summer I kicked off the Red Phoenix Project, the fictitious invasion of South Korea in the mid 1980's based on the novel by Larry Bond.

I rebased the infantry and armour to be able to use them with the Seven Days of the Rhine Rules but languishing in the box of shame was a whole bunch of buildings from my first attempt to crack this project a mere 10 years ago. Back then I had painted up perhaps 5 or 6 buildings which left quite a few to get through.

The buildings are a mix of Irregular and Timecast from their Asia and Russian Range. The Irregular buildings are cast in metal which is a rarity these days, they are a little rough around the edges but they do some unusual stuff in their numerous ranges. 

I based each of the buildings on an MDF base and added some textured wall paper to create the occasional tarmac area, I added a number of trees which were lying around to give the buildings more of a rural look.

The Irregular Temple makes a great centre piece and bolting on a couple of extra buildings makes it quite a complex to fight over. A BTR 70 and HQ section are tucked away in the grounds for scale.

A couple of more rural buildings for use on the table.

Wooden buildings are not great when it comes to HE as the above ruins prove.

I tried to mix the buildings into both rural and urban, creating a couple of farm community farms and some buildings based quite close together to create shop fronts or a more urban area.
With over 20 buildings making up the village that should be more than enough for the various force to fight over.

I have a wish list of additional items needed to fill the gaps in this project largely for the South Koreans or US forces and then on the terrain front  perhaps some industrial items, pylons, paddy fields and vehicles to flesh out the table.

Now all I need is some game time to try the rules and new terrain.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Russo Japanese Village clash.

A little behind on my postings.
With the latest Cossack releases by Tsuba Miniatures it got me thinking about going back to the RJW project and converting it to Sharp Practice 2, but more on that later..

It was high time the Japs and the Russians got an outing.

A small hamlet in Northern Korea, the Russian have sent a section of Infantry to the village of hyjinx to secure provisions for the regiment. Japanese scouts spot the small Russian force and pull together a raiding force to launch a raid.

The Russian's are thinly spread throughout the village unsure of direction of the Japanese attack. The Japanese have around 30 men but the village is strongly defended.

Choosing the right hand side of the village the Japanese rush down the main road looking to swamp the pickets before the rest of the Russians can react, bursting into the courtyard they fire into the defenders manning the outer wall.

The Russians rush forward to block the road, whilst others fired from the windows facing the road.

In the courtyard the defenders attempt to block the gateway as the Japanese pour in, into the grounds.

Meanwhile as the Russians pull extra men to defend the right flank, the Japanese rush forward a third section on the left. The Russian defenders man the windows looking to keep the attackers out.

On the left, the Japanese capture the house on the right and look to force the door on the second house as the fight for the courtyard continues. Casualties are heavy on both sides but the Japanese are slowly gaining the upper hand.

On the right the attackers are pinned against the fence, but they had drawn in enough defenders for the attackers to capture the buildings on the far side of the village.

Great to get the figures on the table.
There have been a number of new releases since I last added anything to the collection, it will be an interesting exercise to see if I can move Sharp Practice along 100 years to include MG's and magazine fed rifles.

That should keep me busy for a while.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - Day Eleven - 11th August 1791

After a delay over the summer the latest moves are in and the country is split between the quiet south and raging north.

In the Western tip of the island the British under Thomas Maitland remain encamped watching and waiting to see how the rest of the island plays out. Meanwhile Christopher Henry begins to stir the local slaves for the fight that is sure to come with any faction on the island print leaflets and calling out the Jacobin Insurrectionists in the East.

Packing up his headquarters his forces move west towards the small town of Baraderas.

Further to the east the Mulatto forces on the high ground over looking Port Au-Prince watch the Republicans go about their business with cavalry patrols roaming far and wide.
Neither side wanting to commit offensive forces in the area.

After the 2nd battle at the fort the French Royalists under Viscount de Blanchelande tend to their wounded behind the walls at Bahon, their medical staff worked hard to patch up the wounded. Their morale had taken a knock and with 7 dead and 6 wounded the next few days would be very dangerous.

Elsewhere the French reinforce their garrisons and barricade the approaches to the towns.

Dutty Boukman having gained a significant win yesterday had his own wounded to tend to with 5 casualties, his dead would have been higher but for the difference in force morale of 6 which allowed him to bolster his command.

His Slave forces watched the French behind their walls.

After the raid on the Spanish outpost Princess Amethyste heads back to their territory however the Spanish move to counter this and the two forces face off against each other each looking to strike a killer blow on the other.

Toussaint Louverture continues his drive for the capital of George Biassou, Biassou had spread his troops in the hope of leading the loyalists from their primary goal. He will need to regroup fast if he is to stop incursion.

So one major engagement to resolve with the Spanish and the Princess once again butting heads....

Friday, September 27, 2019

Napoleonic Haitian Cavalry.

Finally..... After what seems an age the Haitian Cavalry are finished. 
In my reading of the battles in Haiti there are scattered reports of Haitian cavalry, Osprey's book on Napoleon's overseas forces depicts Colonial Dragoons but I wanted some line cavalry to bolster the forces of the native Haitian forces.

As usual great service from Steve at Arcane Scenery who in addition to the packs of French Cavalry from the Trent Revolutionary Range a bunch of extra heads from the Haitian range, this gave me plenty of variety in the unit. I quite fancy a Maroon unit eventually but am struggling with mounted civilian types perhaps ACV Bushwacker's might do?

These will be a useful addition to a number of the factions, as they can be used for the French forces, the Haitians or the freed slaves perfect timing as the campaign starts to pick up again.

Next up something a little different and definitely not on a horse.....

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - The 2nd Battle for Bahon 10th August 1791

After the first battle 4 days had past, the French under Viscount de Blanchelande starred out from the stockade, he had been bolstered by additional troops but was unable to stop the forces of Dutty Boukman as they surrounded the fort.

Dawn on the 10th August and French pickets rang the alarm as groups of armed slaves appeared from various points around the fort, the insurgents crept forward reaching the dead ground in the shadow the of the stockade. The slave army knew the French were in there but no soldiers were seen.

The slaves armed with sticks, knives and axes moved through the tall grass. As they reached open ground the French rose up from their positions and left off a round of cannister from the fort together with a volley from the Militia to deadly effect. The slaves retreated back down the hill as quick as they had come on.

On the far left Blanchelande unmasked his war dogs as the hounds strained at the leash they were sniped at by skirmishers from the under growth, the dogs set off in a deadly game of cat and mouse, some of the riflemen were caught and torn to shreads, but slowly the shock began to tell on the dogs and handlers.

To the right the main slave forces broke cover and advanced on the fort, the French called forward their regulars to stem the tide of insurgents. The first volley was not enough to drive back Dutty's forces but they had stopped and both sides began a long range exchange of musketry.

As it began to feel like the slave force were not going to make any headway and both sides were about to settle for a draw things were about to take a nasty turn for the defenders and the escaped slaves were about to have a day that would go down in history. Having seen off the first group of slaves, Viscount de Blanchelande charged forward to clear the second group of freed men.

The melee was a disaster the French failed to land a single casualty on the slaves but in return they lost 6 of their own including Blanchelande who was wounded. The French fell back and their force morale began to sink.

The Slaves with their confidence sky high rushed the flank of the firing line, the French unable to react turned and ran, a number of them falling to the blades and axes. The French force morale fell still further.

The French regulars continued to fire several ragged volley's even bringing their 4 pdr forward to even the odds but they were soon forced to give ground to the ever increasing musket fire. As the formation broke the French turned marched/ran back into the fort and slammed the gate shut. 

Dutty did not have sufficent forces to breach the walls but he had most certainly rattled the Royalists who now had to contend with multiple wounded to be tended to and a significant reduction to their fighting strength.

Will we see a 3rd battle for Bahon or will the slaves look to starve them out?

On to day 11 and fresh orders.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Dispatches from the front II

I bloody hate cavalry...… I have been sitting looking at the same cavalry unit for the best part of three weeks, if I can't break the back of them tomorrow they might have to be bounced from the queue for a while.
I am not sure if it's the mass of horse flesh or the fact that I have glued the riders on first, something that I don't normally do in the painting process. Do we all have a touch of OCD when it comes to painting?

Meanwhile we had a crack at Osprey's latest card game, a two player game with a number of missions from D-Day to play through, you use your cards to grab the initiative and use your squads to grab objectives I must admit it was a real blast and felt very realistic, very much a band of brothers feel to it, the early missions contain only rifle squads, but later missions introduce MG's Mortars and snipers.

MG's are great at pinning troops, mortars are flaming nasty and you need to get a move on once the targeting round lands. Stick and move is the name of the game.
Send your scouts out to clear the ground in front of you before you send your rifle sections in to take the ground.

The game tiles have plenty of detail and I am sure I won't be the only one thinking about how I could convert this to a miniatures game. 
Each mission lasts about 45 minutes and makes for a great evenings game. 

I based up the QH Miniatures and have included a couple of comparison shots to the Trent Miniatures, they match up very well in size although the quality of sculpt needs some work when compared to others on the market these days. 

Trent Minatures have a slave pack available which landed this morning along with some casualties which will give me so more line infantry shock markers. 

Whilst finding anything to do other than paint the Haitian horse, I did finally get round to painting up the Warbases Pigeon loft and a couple of the test houses for the Red Phoenix project.

Switching between 28mm and 6mm is not great when you are trying to get you eye in once the cavalry are done I will look to get the rest of the Korean village finished so I can get a couple of Seven Days to the Rhine in.