Friday, August 28, 2020

28mm Desert Wadi - Two Sheds Fred

I have been on the lookout for a Wadi for a number of years which increases the scope of games in various theatres ranging from Africa to the Middle East, the recent Kings of Bronze Project for Infamy Infamy drove me to make a concerted effort to find a suitable piece of terrain.

There are several posts across the web from talented gamers who made some bespoke pieces, but this is not in my skill set and franking with an ever increasing lead pile really could not afford the time to make my own....

Step forward... Two Shed Fred.... found on Facebook.

A quick exchange with Fred and Emily around what I was looking for. Within a couple of weeks a well packed box arrived from the guys with a number of pieces to create a bespoke modular Wadi and rough ground. Enough for around 6ft of hidden terrain.

You can see the individual pieces below.
Loads of scope and varied angles to provide multiple choices on the table top.

I can't speak highly enough for Fred and Emily great quality terrain at a reasonable price, the individual elements fit together really well and the guys have kept hold of the colouring should I wish to expand the Wadi or other pieces later.  

I opted for a number a number of open ended elements to give me plenty of scope for games and exiting the Wadi.
As you can see below the depth is around 2cm which sufficient cover for units of troops without being to imposing on the table in terms of height.

I love the Wadi crossing perfect for the goat herd to be foraging for greenery...

I added in a couple of 'extra's' to the order adding in a lovely oasis which has a little greenery to break up the table top and the scrub land make for a perfect ambush point.

Check out the Two Sheds Fred Face book page for other terrain items available but I shall definitely be calling on them for future terrain items.

Itching to get back to a club night to get the full piece on the table and the first outing... The only choice is French vs Ottoman, Ancients or Zulu War?

Sunday, August 23, 2020

28mm Hittite Spearmen - Infamy Infamy - Part 2

Having cleared many of the 'extras' in other projects I am keen not to build up a mass of spares and left overs so thought I would clear the last of the spearmen from the bare metal box.

These are from Warlord Games Hittite range, as these are equipped with round shields I figured I would go for a different hide colouring. I have opted for these to be Levy and Inferior Warrior Class within Infamy Infamy.

I have mocked up the following stats.
As per the first batch they are armed with Spear so are classed as Hand to Hand only. The stats and point cost are included below.

Hittite Levy Spearmen


Inferior Warriors

Points Value



Hand to Hand




Step Out

Aggressive Attack






Thursday, August 20, 2020

Wyvern Wargamers - Back from Lock down and welcoming new members.

It's been months but we are back and opening our doors on the 6th September.

The trustees of the hall have carried out a full review and implemented a number of Covid safe procedures and we are back to Sunday evening gaming.

With a range of historical periods and rules covered time to get back to face to face gaming and rolling some dice. I am itching to see who has painted what and what new projects people are planning on starting or started.