Saturday, January 27, 2024

Baron's War Outremer - Knights Templar

Next up the first of the Christian Forces in the shape of Knights Templar for the Baron's War Outremer project great castings from the Footsore Miniatures Team.

They need a varnish once the weather warms comes and the wind drops together with a few tufts and rocks etc.

I went for a grey and white mix with a light flesh wash to give that lived in campaign feel, enough for a couple of units within Baron's War - Really do need to read the rules.

If anyone is interested I am looking to sell on the Fortified Hospital, I was one of the early backers and only 50 were produced. However with a slight change in focus I need to scale back my plans... I am looking to recover my initial investment its not yet available from Footsore so get yourself a great piece of terrain before it goes on sale.

You can find it on e-bay running for the next few days - Footsore Miniatures Barons War Outremer Fortified Hospital Crusader Fort | eBay The Photo below is the completed view.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Brigand Cages of Rincón del diablo

No serious gaming yet but another fun Silver Bayonet Battle in the hunt for the remains of El-Cid.

After the last encounter the local priest tells you of a potential lead in the hunt. Local Guerrilla’s and Brigands had raided the tomb of El Cid and it’s rumoured that they had taken several relics and body parts. In the ruins of a local hamlet is a cage containing the body of what could be El Cid? 

Four brigands will be positioned within 2” of the cage, any further brigands will be placed 8” away from the cage in random directions in cover.

Brigands will never make a random move during the game, instead they will end their activation. Once the relic is secured if called upon to make a random move they will pursue the relic pieces, if they recapture the relic they will move to return it to the cage.

In the centre of the table the Cage containing the potential cadaver must be opened using the key or a successful test of 15 or greater.

Surrounding the Cage are 5 treasure tokens - but watch out for the leader of the Brigands - A Demon!!!

A – The keys to the cage no test required to open the cage.

K – Ancient Scroll – Add 2 Monster Dice to the fate pool.

Q – 2 Brigands entering from the corner of a random corner, who will move towards the cage.

J – Leader of the Brigands in a random house – closest to the cage or relic (Demon)

10 – Book of Demonic sketches – Add one skill dice and one Monster dice to the fate pool


Experience Points available.

+1 For opening the cage.

+2 Taking the relic off board

+1 for each 2 Brigands killed

+3 Killing the Demon

Turn 1 - A common enemy and for once players unite French, Spanish and British each take the opportunity to thin the defenders in the square to open away to the Cage.

The Spanish make there way towards the cage clearing the house over looking the cage, could this be another win and a 3rd body part?

You have to watch your back as the player with the lowest initiative gets to place a further brigand usually behind the player making the most progress. Fortunately the Spanish had a marksman to suppress the sneaking outlaws.


War erupts yet again between the British and the French, The red coats could not resist a pot shot at the French in the open. Before the French fire a volley back.

As the Spanish rattle the cage unable to prise the lock, the doctor from the second British unit having grabbed the keys rushes towards the cage, only to be shot down by the French. Who in a moment of madness firer on every nationality in sight.

The Demon is discovered and rises up from the Crypt.

With blessed weapons the British fire on the Demon.

As the Demon chases down any character near the cage, the French rush in and crack open the cage before running for the table edge as musket balls whistle past their ears.

The Demon is felled by British musket fire, but spoils for all, the Spanish racked up plenty of brigand kills whilst the French now hold the 4th piece of El Cid. 

Next up the final piece is tracked down before the grand showdown.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Outremer - The first figures of 2024

The first output of 2024 and only a year behind schedule.

Having backed the Kickstarter over 12 months ago, finally time to bite the bullet and get some of the Footsore Miniatures on the paint table. For years I wanted to recreate the Standard Games Hex based game in miniature, but there was not a range of figures that I felt fitted the bill until now.

A great range of figures with lots of character and variety in the poses.

First up Islamic/Arab Archers.... 

Having only played one game of Baron's War last year I need to read the rules properly and match the units figures to units, but two units of 6 archers is a good start.

A cluster of archers - but will they be enough to stop the Crusader heavy horse?

I must be honest the colour combination goes against everything that I painted in recent years, the clash of colours gave me a headache, it matches a number of colour plates in the likes of Osprey and other sources, but initially they were rather garish however a flesh wash has dulled them down a little and the basing makes them feel a whole let better and they will be a real contrast to the Christian forces.

Not enough for a game yet, but a good start.....

Friday, January 05, 2024

Silver Bayonet - 4 way encounter - Bring out your dead.

A little behind on posts - The last game of 2023 and the usual skulduggery as the hunt for El-Cid's body parts continues.

This time 4 players and an additional British player.... unsurprisingly the Brits played nicely together whilst a cautious cease fire existed amongst the French and Spanish although to be fair everyone had their hands full with the undead and vampires to really focus on the living opponents.

The chapel surrounded by multiple grave stones together with plenty of dead to keep our parties happy, buried in the grounds under one of 4 clue markers was another bit of El-Cid

The British combine their efforts taking down several cadavers as the remainder of the Brits make there way through the gated cemetery.

The Brits were distracted by their mission by the arrival of a Vampire swooping in feast on the Brits, good job they had Abu all the way from India to save their skins.

With the church grounds full of undead, the French looked to lead them away by appearing at a hole in the wall, the undead only had one thing in mind human brains.... the sneaky French.

All way going to plan as Claude trudged off across the marsh with the undead shambling behind.

However the arrival of another Vampire ruined the French plans - Brother Bronte was left to face the foul creature, a holy symbol provided some protection - But he really needed a silver weapon.

As the Spanish contented themselves with dispatched zombies for point, the Brits ran in to unearth and grab El-Cid's body part, it was close as the French shot a a few of the Brits down as they fought off the returning horde. But the Brits carried the day.

3 of the 5 parts of El-Cid have now been found.

Spanish 2.
Brits 1.

If you want an unbiased view you can find the a view from the British lines - Silver Bayonet on a school night! | movealongnownothingtoseehere

Stay tuned for round 4 as the search continues.....  

Monday, January 01, 2024

Dispatches from the Front XXXI - Welcome to 2024

Well here we are another New Year and the customary review of the past 12 months.

Considering the amount of real life distractions a rather productive year on the gaming front, taken up largely with WW2 and the Western Desert, quite surprising really as it was only meant to be a small project when a member of the club said did you fancy splitting a box, but it ended up turning into forces for both the Commonwealth, French and Germans, with plenty of gaming and a campaign to boot. 

We dabbled with Bolt Action and Chain of Command creating a couple of good house rules which have given us a good experience and a growing collection across several players.... Plenty more planned for 2024.

It was good to get in a couple of fun games of Silver Bayonet, with the return of Claude Canard although he does seem to get picked on in games..  The Hunt for the remaining parts of El-Cid is sure to continue into the new year, but we could see a return to the Middle East of Claude with the next campaign book set in Egypt. 

Our gaming group lost a good wargaming friend in November, Dane (on the left) no matter what we played he seemed to know every rule yet you never saw him read a rule book. He had not been well for several years, but you never saw him complain, in fact the more pain he was in the luckier he seemed to get. One of the founding members of the Wyverns Wargames Club, we had some great games including several all dayers at Salute helping Paul and Sally at Kallistra run their showcase games... Great times... I shall miss our tabletop dust ups.....

So what for 2024?

Well the Germans are in need of some armour if they are to turn the tide in the Tactics II campaign, I had a few pieces gifted over Christmas in the shape of plastic kits that will certainly help. The rise in quality of 3D prints makes the purchase of vehicles so much more affordable so quick order to 3D Valley on E-Bay should give me plenty of extra's for both sides.

The big projects are to finally get the Footsore Kickstarter off the ground and Outremer, it was a big purchase due to those weird days in lock down when I sold some collections for crazy money. I must be honest the weight and volume of shiny metal is a little bit off putting. But if I break them down into the various factions it should be fine.

Not quite sure of the rule set yet, Baron's War is the obvious choice but I am hoping to scratch an itch from over 30 years ago to turn Standard Games hex game into a mini version. With rumours of a new version coming out, it could be a sign of things to come.

I have a hankering for some BIG games with small figures and am leaning towards my first historical period of interest when I first got into gaming. The American War of Independence. A period I have read plenty on although surprising never owned, I have also never painted British Regulars in all my years of gaming.

I am thinking 10mm Pendragon to give me a comprise of a large table but with figures I can still make out the detail on.... Now for a set of rules, base and unit sizes?

I have several taster packs on order to see if I can paint them to a standard I am comfortable with, given the volumes involved.

What else?

Who knows the usual butterfly feeling may take hold, depending on what you watch and listen to, just finished a cracking pod cast on the Aztecs and the Spanish Conquistadors - Well I already have Spanish???

Happy New Year everyone.