Sunday, December 31, 2023

No mini's left behind (3) Bolt Action Pin Markers - Western Desert.

Last post of the year before the customary review of 2023, a sweep of the spares box as the last of the Western Desert project enter the paint table together with a few left overs.

I found these hanging around as I was making room for new projects - Foundry BEF and a handful of Africa Korps casualties from Artisan these will be perfect for Pin Markers for Bolt Action or Chain of Command. 

The Brits are wearing the wrong kit but it clears a few more of the hidden lead.... 

Two dice sabots per base should be enough.

That's all folks.... See you next year......

Friday, December 22, 2023

Tactics II - Turn 2 Axis - Game 3 Ambush on the highway.

With the Axis forces pushing on the left flank pinning allied units, other Axis units were able to break the river line with a view to swing left into the allied defensive line, however the dice gods were against the Axis forces yet again.

Bad news it's a Patrol Game so they are unable to bring their larger forces to bear and also a defender ambush... They are really not having it their own way at the moment.

Lady luck is once again on the side of the allies the terrain is largely open with a wadi at the far end.... The defenders/ambushers have to engage the enemy for a minimum of 4 turns before they can choose to retire.... The winner being the side which inflict the most casualties.

With a good roll on the reinforcements chart, I opted for a number of light support weapons and a couple of Bren Carriers should I need to pull back quickly.

The Vichy forces came on, a number of light machines guns teams first followed by couple of sections and a truck...

Lying in Ambush the FAO, Mortars, Machine Guns awaited the order to fire.... The Fascists were starting to get strung out on the road. 

Shells ran down on the head of the column, pinning the Vichy forces and HMG fire sweeps the marching infantry.

The French start to get organised and break for cover on the left and right flanks rushing forward to get into small arms range. The column was perhaps larger than anticipated with more troops, lorries backing up behind the first units.

With Armour approaching time to get out of dodge.... whilst casualties were still light.
The allies disappeared into the desert as the axis forces picked up the pieces and were forces to regroup.

Allied losses - 70 Points
Axis losses - 220 Points.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

No mini's left behind (2) - British Civil War

Several years ago, A Very British Civil War was all the rage at the Wyverns, with a great campaign set in Worcester and the surrounding area, we even got a mention in the source book.

Tucked away in cupboard of shame was a bunch of metal left over from the project a bunch of militia types, beret wearing troops and vicars... Just the job for the Anglican League - Defenders of the Cathedral.

Within the AVBCW universe the Anglican League were a collection of political groups opposed to the King. They were outspoken on the marriage of the King Edward VIII

The Leagues military wing is structured around the local diocese very often led by clergymen or in the case of Bath and Wells the Bishop himself.

In Worcester out number by the BEF garrison and the local Socialist groups they are content to protect Church property and College Yard. 

The final bare metal was a Vickers HMG team which is a useful support element for the The Severn Riverside Wharf Labours Federation (SRWLF) arch rivals of the BEF, Socialists looking to wrestle the city from the fascists. 

A fun distraction before the next major project in 2024.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tactics II Game Turn 2 - The Axis forces Strike Back.

With the Allied forces turn over, initiative switches to the Axis Forces, their first move is to attempt to break across the river, pinning a number of infantry units as their more mobile units pushed forward to break across the wadi.

Playing the Allied defender, I opted for a Veteran unit, armed with Anti-Tank Grenades in the hope that their better defensive saves would keep them in the field longer, the terrain was favourable with high ground to the rear and the ability for troops to be dug in.

The fascist forces would be heading straight down the road, with the possibility of reinforcements forcing the left or right flank, so I had to be prepared for that possibility, with infantry dug in on across the front and a mobile reserve of a couple of light tanks to plug any gaps.

On the high ground a HMG and Spotters scan the possible entry routes of the Axis forces.

As the Vichy French appear they are hit by off table and on table mortars peppered their line, the French had deployed a mobile field gun and armour but they failed to hit their mark against the dug in Infantry.

The French struggled to get organised under the burst of HE rounds. The infantry went forward looking to close the ground between the attackers and defenders.

The British light armour advanced to counter the enemy treat and break up the infantry attack, the armour under took a long range dual took place with both sides taking several hits before the French lost a tank.

On the right flank Axis reinforcements turned up in the shape of the mighty Africa Korps, but they were few in number and lightly armoured.

But despite this they were making a nuisance of themselves breaking through the dug in Infantry into the soft under belly taking out a number of support sections, they were driven back by the allied light armour.

All the time the force morale of both sides dropped point by point the French infantry rallied and charged into the wadi and defeated the battered defenders, on the right flank the Germans infantry was routed as it attempted to clear the defenders from their fox holes.

Unbelievably both sides were left with one force morale point. The Allied sniper finally found his mark after missing all game killing the AT Rifle team which forced the axis forces to withdraw. 

The allies had held the river line but losses were heavy on both sides.

Axis - 519

Allied - 445

Sunday, December 03, 2023

No mini's left behind (1) - Starship Troopers

After a but of a tidy up in the gaming room, you come across a few more items from the cupboard of shame, I thought I had cleared many of these items during lockdown but clearly not.

So bare metal blisters went on e-bay and several others dropped into the painting queue - On the basis of ship in or ship out - No Mini's are left behind :-)

First up a 3D printed Brain Bug for Starship Troopers - The Mongoose variant sell for around £60.00 on E-bay but this proxy will do just fine... I seem to recall this one was purchased over 4 years ago - finally now table ready.

Perfect for raid scenarios and the like the Mobile Infantry will have their work cut out in the tunnels of Klandethu.

Might be even tempted to get a game in over the Christmas break now this is finished.

Right on to the next box and whatever is tucked away in there.