Monday, September 26, 2022

Cotswold Wargaming Day 2022

Sunday and an early morning excursion down to Northleach in the Cotswolds and Keith Flint's annual wargaming get together.... a great bunch of games many with a serious amount of lead on the table.

It's a very relaxed affair with no traders or competition games, just a bunch of gamers playing a multitude of games for fun.... the hall has plenty of room, even if Keith had to source tables from elsewhere.

You can find full details here on Keith's blog - KEITH'S WARGAMING BLOG (

I am afraid I did not get around all the games and chat with all those present but here's a selection of some of the games on offer.

The Nine Years War gets an outing....  so many cavalry, it had a real old school feel to it with the opposing forces on a wide frontage but so very close so units were straight into the action.

A fantastic looking AWI game, great figures, great terrain and rightly awarded the best terrain award. Using British Grenadier Rule set it really captured the feel of the period.

Nice to see the Cigar Box Mat's up close, they really looked durable and flowed well over the hills, perfect if you were looking to take on major battles such as Leipzig shown above. 

Great to see Spencer Smith Miniatures on display, so hardwearing due to their clean and simple design.

A cracking game from Steve aka the Wargaming addict with his Imagination forces of Prusskian army taking on that of the Ruthenians, the game had a lovely feel to it and got me seriously thinking about my own 6/10mm project for the FRW on a grand scale. You can read more of Steve's day on his blog, well worth a follow. Wargaming Addict: Cotswold Wargames Day 2022 (

Meanwhile me and the gang put on a lite version of Kadesh using Infamy Infamy. More on that in a future post.

Sharing the room with the Farnborough Wargames Society who were also fielding an ancient Hittite force taking on the Yamhad/Syrian Kingdom 1615 BC. Quite the spectacle with so many chariots.
I have a serious case of chariot envy.

A great day out, great company, great chat and a close fought battle .... The downside I now have perhaps 3 more projects to think about....  thanks guys :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dispatches from the front XXV - A changing of the guard.

Club night and another outing for the Eagle of Empires and the Seocnd Schleswing War, a hard fought battle despite an initial Prussian surge they were unable to hold on to the objectives and were beaten back by the more numerous Danes.

The club was busy having undergone an expansion and brand change bringing together board and wargamers. Covid took its toll on our membership with several gamers not returning so hopefully the new venture will increase our membership, some good PR and a mention in the local press gave us several new faces. You can find all about us here.

A short trip to the Royal Docks at Portsmouth - HMS Victory is undergoing a £20M make over, replacing every external plank and mast...... not much to see on the outside but the ships interior is still as grand as ever..... It is a damn sight more claustrophobic than when I was 12.

Meanwhile the latest addition to the fleet - HMS Prince of Wales - Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier. Quite a sight even if she is in for repair at the moment and given the events of the past week.

Having finished the Indian troops next up the Vichy French...... and the first batch of Senegalese Tirailleurs.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Bolt Action - WW2 Indian Infantry

The finishing of the testers did the trick and finally the Indian detachment leaves the paint table.

The sections of allies and with the platoon officer and radio operator.

Not quite sure of the rule set yet, I am torn between Chain of Command, Bolt Action or Nuts! Perhaps I should run a poll??? 

1st Platoon - The Bren gunner needed a stable firing platform so a rock and an ammo box are pressed into service.

2nd Platoon - With the NCO wearing a snazzy tank top. 

3rd Platoon with the deployed Bren Team. 

Despite feeling like they have been on the paint table for an age, I do like the overall look to them, they need a couple extras in the form of support elements, but they will give me a core force to work with.

Next up the start of the Vichy French forces......

Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Battle for Haiti - Pommefrites Plantation #1

On August 21st 1791 following a secret Voodoo ceremony the slaves of Saint-Dominque rose in revolt, Dutty Boukman a high priest and leader of the Maroon slaves turned on their masters and sought revenge, only a few isolated fortified camps were able to defend against the attackers.

At the Pommefrities Plantation a party of French under Captain La' Vern were busy collecting the belongings of Madame Shirley to escort her to one of these camps when Boukman set upon the plantation.

There are two wagons outside of the main house. If the rebels capture and move them off-table, or hold them on a Chapter end, they win the game. The French win if they defeat the enemy whilst retaining one of the wagons.

As the slaves rush forward the French Officers leave the plantation house and rally their troops who were busy in the fields and out houses. It was a race to form up before the slaves attacked.

Boukman's forces rush forwards as the French struggled to get into position to meet the revolting slaves. Meanwhile colonial skirmishers nipped at the mass ranks.

The slaves keep coming having crossed the open ground, many of their number are killed but they continue there headlong charge into the defenders.

The freed slaves defeat a section of black troops but are spent in the process, Boukman leading from the front is knocked to the ground. The loss of their inspiration leader saps the morale of the slaves.

The slaves begin to falter as more troops enter the fray. A number of the slave units lose heart and head back to the hinterland.

A final crashing volley see's off the attackers......

A short but bloody encounter, the slaves piece meal attack was unable to take advantage of the scattered French who in a stroke of luck were closer to the farmhouse and their officers than initially anticipated.

The slave forces would need to find a softer target to attack.

Saturday, September 03, 2022

Operation Exporter - 5th Indian Brigade testers.

Perhaps 32 figures in a single batch or the lack of painting time over mid-summer is slowing me down.

In an effort to keep these moving I left the half-finished mass of Infantry behind and pressed on with a couple to figures in the hope that the finished mini's would break the painters block and give me that nudge to plough through the platoon.

Having opted for yet another 'odd' theatre with the Commonwealth forces taking on the Vichy French, I opted to paint up elements of the 5th Indian Brigade which would allow me to represent the Punjab & Rajputana regiments who played a prominent role in the Syrian Campaign.

Opted for a mix of head gear 

I toyed with the idea of a darker flesh palette but with a light flesh wash from Army Painter I am broadly happy with the outcome.

4 down 28 more to go.....