Saturday, October 31, 2020

LOTR Campaign Battle #5 Release the Hounds

In the far north of Middle Earth from the old Fortress of Cairn Dum Orc's pour into the Borderlands, the small hamlet of Weisterham had barely time to get the children to safety when the raiding party struck.

As is the way of things in these opening rounds the forces of man are heavily outnumbered and face off against an attack force twice their number. The scenario was a village raid with the human forces having to defend the main house from the orc war party.

The local militia grabbed their shield, spear and bow and packed together in a tight formation, they knew their shield wall would protect them as long as they kept in formation.

From out of the early morning mist Orc skirmishers appear, loosing arrows into the dense formation. The sneaky Orc commander had already infiltrated the barn and out house before the militia had time to get into position.

The Orc main force was huge in number the Orc commander going for mass, groups of angry Urak- hai, ranks of archers and crossbow and packs of Warg hounds snarling and snapping and ready for blood.

The Warg riders were fast and flanked the main warband looking for an opening.

The massed Rohan archers darkened the skies but the arrow shower was not as effective as he had hoped. The old gods were not with the men of Rohan today.

On the left flank the village militia had managed to rush to protect the farm house the Warg riders charged in but were repulsed having been unable to penetrate the closely packed shields, but frustratingly no casualties merely shock. Perhaps the best chance to break the Orc force morale was gone.

Before the militia were able to draw breath berserkers rushed from the massed warrior ranks, clattering into the militia sheltering behind their oak shields. They held the line but were unable to drive back the fanatics who were desperate to break the human line and reach the defenders.

More warg riders skirted the main battle finding a path through the bog, the Rohan commander could do little to stop this flanking move as the Orc's were closing across the enter front.

Rushing troops from the centre he had to watch as his militia who were holding their own against the fanatics were attacked in the rear, the inexperienced warriors fled in panic, they were ridden down.

The wargs and their orc riders torn into the back of the men holding the shield wall who also broken and ran, those that remained were torn apart where they stood.

The Weisterham militia their force morale broken fled the table.... The route to the shires was open.

A great game with a touch of the Battle of Thermopylae about it, the shield wall gave the orcs some real trouble, cavalry into close order infantry is not a good idea. But the mobility and sheer numbers of mounted units made it difficult for the human defenders. You really need to watch your flanks in Infamy Infamy...

One more game to go in this round.... although I suspect it may not be until December due to flaming Covid.....

Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Kingdom Skirmishers - Infamy Infamy

Three weeks before the first game and the pressure is on to get the lead mountain down other wise the Egyptians are going to be seriously out numbered.

Whilst preparation continues on the close combat troops, I finished off a group of skirmishers to support the spearmen.

Great castings from the team at Foundry, as usual flash free and no mold lines.
I opted for a paler blue in their head gear to signify them as skirmishers, tucked away in the to do draw are several packs from Newline who will form the main archer groups.

Once again for those interested set out below are the points and unit stats within Infamy Infamy.

New Kingdom Egyptian Skirmishers



Points Value







Step Out

Aggressive Attack





Darken the Sky, Supra Numerum

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Egypt 1801 French vs British - Sharp Practice

The French had been defeated at Abukir and the British were firmly ashore.

General Friant's aide had been wounded when the British had rushed the guns and he was being escorted back to Nile and a waiting gunboat when the column was intercepted by a British flanking force looking to cut off the retreating French.

The French column marches towards the small cluster of buildings they had a few moves advantage over the British and fanned out not sure where their foe would appear all they had to do was get the camel train off the opposite table edge.

Rolling for their entry point, the British appear on the far side of the table and push forward, Turkish and British Infantry advance on the enemy column. The French screen their main column with Ottoman mercenaries and Arab skirmishers.

The French main company advances before fanning out into line and unleashing a crushing volley on the British and allies who's morale starts to falter.

Whilst the British fall back on the left flank the remainder of the British force moves to the far end of the table and blocks the path of the advancing French. It would be a tough ask to get the wounded aide past a full company of British regulars.

English and allied skirmishers rushed forwards inserting themselves into the walled compound firing on the Ottoman mercenary defenders.

The Mamluks in the pay of the French pick up pace and turn a canter to a gallop while French skirmishers snipe away at the British line.

But the massed volley of the newly landed British troops forces them to turn on their heels.

The camel train heads into the wadi looking to bypass the British company but time had run out for the French who camel train, advancing further would put the aide at risk, they turned and headed back to the safety of the French line at the other end of the village.

A fun game on a big table, the benefit of a large club house over home gaming. Nice to get the Wadi on the table for it's first run out along with some of the 'lockdown' French and Ottomans. 

Right back to the brushes...

Thursday, October 22, 2020

New Kingdom Egyptian Spearmen - Infamy Infamy

I knew that fish tank sphinx would come in handy.....

First of the Egyptian Spearman are off the paint table, I opted for blue shields for the core force with the close assault troops in red... I am sure someone in the blogosphere can tell me the significance of the colouring but I am quite happy with these guys from Warlord and the uniform colouring makes for a nice contrast to the Hittites.

Three bases of Warrior spearmen, I toyed with the idea of making their spears thrusting spears for hand to hand only as with the Hittites however some of the period text suggests that they carried four or five foot throwing spears that would be hurled just before engaging in hand to hand combat so the pila rules within Infamy Infamy feel a better fit with limitations on the number of spears available.

In the background is a two man rally point, containing a standard and musician. These dedicated battle standards were attached to renowned companies of around 200-250 men such as the Splendor of Aten or Manifest of Justice - Now that has a ring to it...

Set out below is the unit record for Infamy Infamy and the associated points. Given the infantry of the day wore rudimentary armour of stiffened textiles and a large shield, I figured medium armour would be appropriate.

New Kingdom Spearmen



Points Value



Mixed, Pila




Step Out

Aggressive Attack





Drilled, Pila (2 rounds only)

Next up the Nakhtu - Strong-Arms with their two handed axes....

Sunday, October 18, 2020

LOTR Campaign Round 2 - Battle #4 Keep them out.

Round one is over. 

A good round for the Orc's who have raided deep into the heartlands of middle earth with armies pushing around the northern and southern flanks of the misty mountains the forces of man know they need to hold on for a few more rounds before they can rally reinforcements to their cause. They had held back the invasion from Moria but elsewhere they are in retreat heading into strongholds to defend against the Orc onslaught.

Month 2 and the Orcs are rushing head long for Mirkwood, one of the key cities that they need to secure to win the campaign.

A scratch force out numbered 2:1 is holding one of the gate houses at the northern edge of the city, pickets rode back into the city, the Orc's were coming and in vast numbers.... They aim to take the city and raze it to the ground.

The Orc's were without deployment points, but with warriors two score deep they were not needed they had one aim, breach the gate and ravage the city.

A few brave souls were outside the walls, green cloaked rangers popped up from their hiding places and sniped at the massed ranks of fowl creatures each shot, each kill would be a blow to the attackers.

Shock started to mount on the Orc's but still the creatures kept on coming, huge trolls with tree trunks for battering rams, skirmishers with cross bows that could pierce the strongest armour.

A troll rushed at Gandalf who stood his ground and despite the odds beat back the fowl beast, that was one less threat to deal with, but Gandalf was injured but was still in the fight.

The mass ranks of Orcs rushed forwards. The Rangers having skirted the castle walls were running out of room but stood there ground as the defenders rushed to shore up the defences and the gate to the city.

Pinned against the gate the rangers of Gondor were struck down under a tide of brown skinned Orc's they had paid with their lives but the gate was shut..... For now...

Despite arrows and spears raining down on the invaders the enemy were at the gates and the walls, there battering rams smashed through the walls and gates and slowly the Orc's forced there way into the city.

The Defenders threw the last of their spears and stepped back from the walls exiting the city through a secret passage, leaving the city to the Orc's.....

The spoils of war..... the Orc's celebrated consuming the stocks of ale held in the cities stores.

A great game, but another victory chalked up to the forces of Sauron..... fortunately most of the human forces escaped but one of the key objectives had fallen.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Infamy Infamy - Shock Markers - New Kingdom Egyptians.

With the first phase of the Hittites complete I thought I would ease myself into the New Kingdom Egyptians with a batch of shock markers.... I know I could just put a dice against the unit but there is something rather pleasing to the eye of a tailored base marking the status of the unit.

The figures are from Wargames Foundry and one pack of dead and injured have given me enough for 6 markers, each base contains two sabots for D6 dice which would be enough to mark the unit for shock or fervour.

Worst case they can double up as ambush or deployment points.

Now for the hard part a spear regiment to form the back bone of the Egyptian forces... No pressure but I would like to have enough done for the first club night in November unless Covid buggers up the plans.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Kings of Bronze - Hittite Skirmishers

The last of the Hittites at least for now...

Another batch from Warlord Games these form the last of the skirmish units for the Hittite forces armed with Javelins, they provide a screen for the shield units, they could also double up as chariot runners if required.

A shot of the skirmishers moving amongst the local scrub land, curtesy of Two Sheds Fred. A great fit.

Now on to the Egyptians and hopefully a faster turn around as the block colours are all white. Hopefully come November will be the first outing.

For those interested set out below are the points and unit stats within Infamy Infamy.

Hittite Skirmishers



Points Value







Step Out

Aggressive Attack





Darken the Sky, Supra Numerum

Friday, October 09, 2020

LOTR Campaign - Battle #3 From out of the Wetlands.

The foot hills of Moria.

The men of Gondor and Rohan are on patrol, for a few days now refugees have been streaming into human territories as Orc raiding parties had been attacking settlements all across the region. News had reached them of several defeats in the south and the morale of the troops was starting to fall.

Captain Petrus stared across the valley to his front the ruins of an old temple drew his eye the perfect place for an Orc ambush and so it proved from out of the mist he spotted Orc skirmishers quickly followed by a large Orc war party.

Petrus was a veteran of several battles and knew the Orc's and their tactics, the beating of shields, the roar and the headlong charge..... He knew if he could weaken their fervour and keep his ranks tight he had a chance. Petros gathered his archers and massed them behind his shield wall. That would give the Orc's something new to think about.

On the left flank his rangers scampered through the woodland and poured fire into the orc's to their front. Petros signalled his attendant who blew his horn calling forward the rest of his flanking force including his warlock accompanied by yet more riders.

Elven riders secure the high ground raining arrows into the massed ranks of orcs.

But success was not to last as beserkers burst from the ranks and push his light cavalry from the hill.

In the centre his men hold the line as rangers pushed into the temple. Another objective secured on this bloody patrol.

As the encounter settles into an exchange of missile fire, the mass ranks of pike enter the battle and start marching towards his forces.

The forces of darkness were not done, the dark one had not been idle in his birthing grounds of eebayye he had created more Warg riders to counter the horsemen of Rohan. At least two more units, Petros knew something was up, when the Orc had been able to screen some many ambush points.... 

A troll rushed forward from the dark woods crashing into the human riders who fall back seeking respite behind the shield wall.

A terrific fight for the hill top commenced with sword, spear, hoof and claw, the riders gave ground as the extra weight of the warg riders told, time was running out for the men of Rohan they needed to complete their mission of visiting 4 terrain features before his men's morale slipped to nothing.

From out of the wetlands and bog the old sage slipped, for a wizard of 2000 years old he sure can move.

As the battle raged he waded through mud and bog clearing one terrain feature and then the other completing his task and a valuable victory for the forces of man.

Another great encounter, both sides tried different tactics seeking out their opponents weaknesses. The additional mounted units for the Orc's was quite a surprise, that will change the make up of future encounters, the massed archer ranks presented a new challenge for the Orcs and worked well in restricting their mass charges.

Onwards to Round 2.....