Saturday, September 30, 2017

Burning the candle at both ends - Haitians complete.

It's amazing what the motivation of a big game can do for your painting efforts.
A couple of late nights and a few early mornings and the Haitian Slave Army is complete six groups, 4 bigmen and a priest.....

The extra units of Hand to Hand troops should come in very handy, equiped with "Big Choppers" they fight as clan in the first round before reverting to Wallahs.

The extra musket troops provide me with three distinct sections good for one decent round of fire if I can keep them under control.

A few extra's to keep my wargaming friend on his toes (more on that tomorrow) and we should eb good to go.


  1. Very nice - where did you get the sabot bases?

    1. Warbases I had them made for me from their Zombie range.
      Great service from the chaps as always.

  2. Great effort to get these all painted. Let's hope they perform well for you and not succumb to the first game curse of newly painted figures.

  3. Nice work Stu 👍.
    Regards Gav .

  4. Great work on these "Irregulars" - each one with lovely details.