Monday, May 07, 2012

Napoleonic Egyptian Supply Train

Real life has got in the way recently, but a bank holiday and the opportunity to take put some paint on lead, we have been playing a lot of Sharp Practice recently over at the Wyvern Wargamers and a number of event cards call for units to be resupplied, with this in mind I thought I would paint up a number of camels that have been on the to do list for several months....


The lead camel and handler is from Black Tree's Crusade range, but if you can get past the shield hidden amongst the various supplies it is a perfect addition to the French supply troop, if anyone asks the French have stolen it from the Mameluke's.

The second two come from Redoubts Sudan range, slightly larger than the Black Tree casting and the camel hide is a little smoother, but the packs are good and the casualty camel makes a useful change from the usual pack animals.

Next up a Ottoman Command element for the Janissary's.


  1. Fabulous! I have to admit that I'm quite tempted by this particular period of Napoleonic history. There seems to be a lot of coverage about it at the moment too.

  2. Wonderful! A really great work, love the scenery!

  3. Thanks Guy's more to follow.

  4. Really nice work. I am always impressed by gamers who put the money and effort into logistics and supply figures. That one camel in the close up has a pretty ornery expression, I think he will bear close watching! ;)