Friday, July 17, 2015

Wargaming H.G. Wells - War of the Worlds - Martian Scout Machines

Having completed the Crown heavy armour last week, time in turn to bolster the Martian forces, Blackhat Miniatures produce a nice range of Cephalod Infantry but I figured a lighter Tripod might be more suitable for an expanded campaign in England...

As mentioned in early posts I wanted the Martians to be similar in style to the Jeff Wayne 1978 album art work and these Drones from All Quiet on the Martian Front seem to fit the bill.

They are similar in style to the Blackhat Handling Machine some what swatter hence the British nick names for them of "Scuttlers" but these will be designated under the rules as Scout Machines.

I have not quite decided on whether they should be used as a unit or individually within Martian Empires but have produced some adapted stats and points for the Martian Empire rule set.

No. of Stands
Hits per Stand
Fire Factor
Combat Factor
Morale Factor

Scout Machines
Holds a crew of one. Move 30cm,
Weapon range 30cm.

Slighty taller then the regular British Infantry.


They are just a little short of twice the size of the regular infantry and come armed with a single heat ray, I run through in the next few weeks should tell if the revised stats work.

I recieved the Shock Drones below by way of an apology for the delay from Alien Dungeon, to be honest I am not sure they really fit with the style I am looking for but they were free, I figured these would be useful as mobile Black Smoke Projectors, a little more work is need on the specific rules and stats.

Next up a return to the sanity of Ancient China.


  1. Having seen these close up I can say they are top notch, great work Stu .
    Regards Gav .

    1. Photo's were not the best... they do look better in the flesh as it were.