Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Martian Empires - Indirect Artillery Rules

Just a quick posting this evening, after last weeks outing, I thought I would produce some inhouse rules for the use of Indirect Artillery fire for the Martian Empire rule set, due largely to the fact that I picked up these Heliograph teams from Peter Pig several years ago but they have finally made their way to the summit of lead mountain.

So the rules.

I have pointed them out at a cost of 50 points with a limit of 1 per 1000 points being fielded.

They will require an order to send a message from their position to the gun section. 
The gun section must have a command element within sight of the heliograph team and be within command radius of the guns to be able to command it to fire. 

Heliograph teams are treated like Officers and Characters for the purposes of movement and actions, they may be attached to a unit if charged but will not influence that unit in any way for morale or fire purposes.

Now back to the brushes.....


  1. Nice idea to use them as artillery spotters.

    1. Not play tested the rules yet, but I suspect it will come into play as soon as the Brits go on the defensive....

  2. General Dane please take note !
    Cheers Gav .

  3. Great idea and I do love those miniatures.