Friday, January 27, 2017

The wonders of Amazon.

Another year passes by, but thanks to the wonders that is an Amazon wish list. Friends familiy and loved ones have come up with the goods - who said gamers are difficult to buy for :-)

With an over night stay in hospital scheduled plenty to keep me in reading matter, Charles Grant's excellent Volume on the French Army in Egypt is the highlight with some wonderful colour plates by Bob Marrion, plenty of inspiration for more French units.

Ideas for the Haitian project are taking shape with some background reading to get me in the mood. Loads of scope for Sharp Practice and if I concentrate on the native Haitian forces they can be used to light both British, Spanish and the French - talk about multi-purpose gaming..

A couple of Oil Storage units for the Modern Chechen games and whilst battlefield ready do need basing and some fencing to make them fit on my table top. Who can say the Rogue Star rules might be suitable for my 15mm Sci-fi gaming?

The only choice now is what to take to read...


  1. Nice pickups! I hope the hospital trip is quick and uneventful.

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